Purpose Performance Wear – Long trisuit soft launch @ Cycle Studios, TTDI (10 Nov 2018)

A gratitude shout out to Geoff for extending  the invite to me to attend the soft launch for a purpose built trisuit by Team Purpose- a Purpose Performance Wear.

So there I was, just a couple of hours ago interested to find out what Team Purpose is bringing to the table, for female triathletes, especially from the ASEAN region. It’s summer all year long here in Malaysia and being innovative is vital for female athletes, of any sports for that matter, to find sports apparel which functions not just as a form of protection, comfort and abiding sports regulation, but also in preserving modesty of the athlete.


That is the bit which I can relate to when Mr Noor when he shared the story behind the founding of Purpose Performance Wear, and the R&D behind the latest product being introduced today.


Straight to the meat; the actual launch of this product will be at the Ironman Langkawi –happening next week. The race expo kicks off Wednesday and will go on before the race day(s). So to fellow triathletes racing or supporting next week, I recommend you guys to check out Team Purpose booth when you’re at the expo.


Here are the products introduced during the soft launch:-

1. Long trisuit (female)

Purpose Victory AscensionIMG_20181110_152438

Purpose Victory Glow

Front view of the trisuit

(Size: S,M,L,XL)

2. Sports hijab

(Size: S,M,L)

3. Arm sleeve

(Size: S,M,L)

4. Over shorts

(Size: S,M,L)


The products will be available at the Ironman race expo. Stock will be limited so be sure to head on to their booth at Ironman Langkawi 2018. Try the trisuit and see if it fits your requirements and needs.




Some photos of the products taken during the soft launch in photo slide below :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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