Early November- A Reflection

Pursuing my master’s degree

I am fortunate alhamdulillah to start this journey, and I am working to make sure it ends on a solid note as planned. Seekers of knowledge are seekers of the truth, and insyaAllah with only a sincere and right intention may the truth be discovered, learned, and gained. And that very knowledge will bring me closer to the one and only true path. InsyaAllah.

In my opinion, studying and being a full time mom should be a natural combination to all mommas out there– whether you are working in or outside the home. Knowledge is essential for without it how do we expect ourselves to grow, develop and lead our family, setting the best of examples? I feel that mothers (and obviously fathers) have a continuous learning path as they move from newly weds to parents of young and older children later on.

A breather, really, no?

To me, choosing this line of education have given me a chance to side line from the rat race, and focus on more important things–Family, and building a solid one, starting from my humble self. It can be a lonely journey as the rest of my ex-colleagues and friends continue with their daily businesses. I am my own boss, my own supervisor, and my own subordinate. Ain’t the easiest thing to do when there are no bound to how I choose to spend my time.

Whatever I take away from the academic experience compliments me in my dealings in my daily life. I know this feels a lil vague-ish.. but understanding how human works and operates isn’t the easiest job. Helping organisations managing its members is a task of its own too.

Some friends think I have a lot of time as a full time PG student. Truth is, it can be very boring and exhaustive at the same time.  I set my own rule, and set my own target. Its quite a heavy semester despite me thinking it would be a breeze. In my dreams! Yes, flexibility of time is there– but only if I plan my time carefully. I have a job analysis to be completed by end of this term, and a research paper to submit and sent for publishing. Please pray my journey will be smooth insyaAllah.

Well, I gotta do this (getting all tasks done) as my lifeline for this educational pursuit depends on it. My kid is going to the big school next year, and that too requires a lot of prep on me and my husband’s end. Being a parent and a wife have taught me a lot of things. But what I never regret is the fact that I can always look back on the feats I have achieved, as a multisports athlete and as a blogger. I have had the time of my life being the active gal I was ! (And still am to a certain extent!)

Life carries on and shall never be stagnant. Stop wishing this.. Live it !  One way to know that we are not stagnant, is that we learn something new everyday, and that everyday is a chance for us to improve ourselves and explore unimaginable possibilities. When you want something badly, really really badly, you will find yourself making way towards it. Almost automatic. And when something isn’t worthy of your time and energy, you will see how quickly the force seems to fade away despite initial spark. And if you’re smart enough, let it slip away and let what really matters lead the way. You know, just like an instant crush gone sore! Best leave it as that as there may a good which comes out of it !

UB40: Love

There is this song by UB40 which I have been listening to since I was a young kid– called Impossible Love. When something isn’t meant to be, you embrace the letting go. Makes much easier! When we hold on too much of the past and its baggage, that is the exact thing which dwells at the back of our minds and pulls us back. Like only thinking what bad or wrong another person have done and affected our emotions and relationships. No one is an angel, hence do embrace the perfection in the imperfection. If only negative thought is what you have, then negative thought is what you get. Applies to that colleague you hate, the raise you didn’t get or that moment you were embarassed in front of everyone. You are much better than that. Just gotta open your eyes up a lil longer.

Mercy and love

My faith teaches that 1 should love another like how he would like to be loved. One should forgive the wrong doings of others everynight before one sleeps. And one should never backbite on anyone as that is equivalent to eating the flesh of a brother. Hence, learn to forgive and to love. Always.

Another November reflection,



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