Handling crazy weeks be like

As much as we truly love having a peaceful and relaxing day, days, or even weeks, there will be a point of time where our auto system kicks in saying that lying all day in bed or going for a vacation like forever won’t do you good. There is a difference between rejuvenation (read : repair) and being unproductive. Rejuvenation is being productive when it brings you from a state of chaos and tired to a one which is .. more zen… at peace, focused, and ready to take on the world. ‘Take a break’, that is one we always hear.

I have been facing crazy weeks (past the rejuvenation phase), and still in the midst of it (crazy week). I am back in action to go totally out for my research data collection. Last weekend, I took a few days off to participate in 2 races. I have not been participating in sports events for sometimes now (my last one was…see, I can’t exactly recall..)..but what I have been doing is trying to keep my training consistent. In that way I would be race training ready. Well anyway, just to share about last weekend, I did 2 races ; Xterra Malaysia 2018- Special Edition, and the AXA Hearts in Action 2018. Two different events, two different distances and in two different location. 8 hours drive in between travelling with 2 kids, I managed to put my muscle memory to test. Alhamdulillah, finished both races (a 12.6km trail run, and a 5.85km road run) in 1 piece and decent timing given my current fitness level. Officially the run is marked as 11km trail run and 6km for the road run.

There is so much one can do when the lil one opts to accompany mummy on track day !

And now I am back in front of my computer screen — 3 days in a row trying to piece together a presentation I will be presenting at the International Postgraduate Research Colloquium 2018 at my uni. Let me know if you want to know more on what I am researching on.


I am a sucker in fulfilling my blog promise, so I will not promise what or when my next post will be. So hang in there if you were looking forward to some write ups on my most recent race. Need to get these 2 presentations at IPRC done, and declutter my home some more !

Here are 4 tips when heading into a stormy busy week:-

  1. Push lunch dates and less important meetings to the week after [this is called prioritising]
  2.  Set blocks of time to get critical tasks done. If you are capable finishing a work in 1 sitting or a couple, then do what is necessary. Some people work best under some pressure
  3. Reward yourself– ice cream, chocolate, an episode on Netflix, or a massage (you will come back refreshed!) after you are done with a/series of task
  4. Its fine to skip training (unless you are a full time/pro athlete!) — especially when you are responsible to present a research paper, or key project updates to your team. You just need to get it DONE.


Have a nice day you guys, and be safe on the road. Observe the speed limit.


Just me,


A little throwback when I was carrying my second child 🙂 Here is me and Kiki visiting my alma mater

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