Pt 1- Much needed travel

We all walk different lives, tell different stories. I can relate closely with the idiom ‘Road less traveled’. It brings out the richness of life and the story we as individuals and like-minded souls are able to tell as we venture and discover the world. Most times we use those experiences to relate and compare our own lives, from the various perspectives we wish to put on.

Lil Mimi on a C !

For various reasons and not in order i) These are the last few months before my daughter steps into primary school, ii) These are my last few weeks of my Master’s term break, and finally, I felt these 2 years was just too overwhelming in various sense (though not all in one go), I had to let loose and unwind the mind and system for a bit.

Being a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and wife, the definition of travel and unwind certainly have its own connotation. Officially, this is the second time for a long haul journey after I gave birth to my first born. The first time with my elder daughter was in 2014 to The States. With that experience, that helped shaped up the decision and plan for this trip.

I am a big fan of Aliyah (fondly known to my kids as ‘nenek’). I take much inspiration from her in terms of her strength, courage and adventurous soul! The travel inspiration too ! p.s. to my silent readers, you may have noticed the mentions on Aliyah in previous postings 🙂

In the next few posts, I wish to record, share my experience with you folks on my travel to the land down under. Looking forward to blog some more !



28 August 2018

Kuala Lumpur

One up for the person who sparked it all (“,) plus her hubs. Nora and her husband is a beautiful pair who have seen places, met people, and experienced cultures as much as you and I want and wish to. For that, I envy them and that motivates me to travel, experience and see more. Discounting those experiences which I have gone through travelling as a younger me, there is nothing which I feel can be worse than being stuck in a rabbit hole with a fixed and rigid mind set swirled be endless gust of negative charges. Yeah, that happens when you get too comfy and just wanna stay put ! Recharging comes in many form and travelling is certainly one of them !

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