Passing mid 30s

I passed this point last year, and this year made me a tad closer to hitting my 40s. The beautiful thing about growing up in a blessed, adventurous and testing upbringing and education, is that I can see how much one’s childhood, environment, experiences, education and social circumstances shape a person. The two same persons with almost similar upbringing and education can be the opposite reflection of each other, and two totally different person seem to surprise each other with the agreements shared between them.

Whatever the case, people grow ‘older’, and depending on the circumstances above, some grow with their age albeit the rest do not. Can be a choice, or can naturally be a product of all those things which just forces you to become someone wiser, someone who can handle criticism, someone who plans and prioritise. Who doesn’t flip on the sight of err or sound of disagreement. They don’t typically judge you and they don’t care of the small talks you really wished to share with someone.

I realise with a colourful life I have been through, I am just forced into this zone which doesn’t allow me to be too comfortable with what I have, doesn’t enocurage me to be ungrateful with all I have, definitely not complaining on the things which really put me down 10 years ago, and definitely letting all the small fusses and negativity just pass me through. Ya know, just how like the breeze passes you.. they pass by, and not pass through. You may feel a little chilly at point of contact but definitely not for long.

Now here’s where it gets a bit personal (heck its my blog….!!). I am typing this lying face up in my blanky. I was in the midst of editing some videos for an assignment but thought it would be best to get some shut eye as I am planning to run tomorrow morning. And yet here I am.. typing this with some strong wind outside this little cottage. Its windy and its 3 degree celcius. Am I affected? NO.

Why? You well darn know why. I am in the cottage. Heater is on. And if you were paying attention, I did mention I am almost getting ready to get some shut eye under these blanky! Now… look at your life and just ask yourself what is the difference Now and Before whenever you get in trouble with the parentals… the difference when you meet someone you dislike.. or when put into a difficult situation. If you have grown with your age, you definitely be saying that you are someone better, changed or different from how you were before. You manage those situations better without much spillage and unnecessary emotional roller-coaster !

Your circumstances have geared and informed you how to react, hence when you do, it should protect you from the negativity constantly blowing around you. The don’t come timely, and whats for sure is that they have different intensity and from different directions ! From an over-zealous colleague to a cousin who thinks you’re worthless to a perhaps an ungrateful girlfriend. These things (and people). And if you can stick to one constant, I would say it is how you position yourself in the situation.

1) Your informed knowledge and experience of and in the situation


2) Your abilility to produce a zero or positive nett after all those negativity sets in

In other words, you have to be SMART and you have to be ABLE. That ability comes by practise, and those practises are typically the growing and developing mature you. Think of this for a sec.. 2 years ago you cant and you dont know how to handle a hideous and negative manager.. come 2018, you handle her like a pro with a handicap of 10 shooting 70-80. Practise and never treat a loss as a defeat. You’ll prolly NEVER be good at it, and NEVER will make a change. Ever.

So here just to sum it up for you:-

1) Assess the situation carefully

2) Don’t react. Just be pro-active in producing an 0 net, a positive net. One at a time.



Ok folks.. mamaJulz need to control these eye bags. Nites nitez and chat with you lovelies later.

Just me,


Where the blogging took place !!!

In life, we need to make decisions for ourselves. You be the pilot. Not passenger!


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