Who the shirt fits

Why I love running?

One of the reasons why running, and training in general appeals to me is the time space which it gives you (and what you make of it) as your body goes into cardio mode. While shorter training or more focused session (ie speed intervals and strength training) typically requires your full cognitive attention, the longer sessions are literally gateways for you to explore your thoughts. The longer, the more you get to explore!

Try to reflect the last time you went on the treadmill or a 5K training on your own. What were you doing, mentally? Strategising the next step? Observing the environment and people around you? Or engaged with the music or YouTube you have on your smart phones? Regardless the case, you will find a section of your brain calling for a self-talk while the rest of the bodily systems collaborate on an automode to ensure you don’t over pace and don’t run into a pothole.

The topics which may be in question is vast.. endless.. You’ve thought on work issues, conflicts with colleagues, how to solve endless pile of work, relationships, what to get from the groceries, or even what your future plans are. Sound familiar? If yes, than you know the vast topics which may occur. From the impossibilities, and to the crux of possibilities. Just endless, and goes on and on.

Thoughts to action

The question is, these plans, thoughts and dreams which occurs in your reflections and self-talk, do you ever work on it? Do you normally leave it to the subconscious to process, and then just left to wither? Or do you put them into actionable plans to challenge yourself that you are capable of translating ideas to reality.

Self-talk variation

Now, some of these self-talks may also be evaluative and reflective in nature. As human being, we are naturally reflective no matter how optimist and ‘result-oriented’ we claim ourselves to be. Certain incidents or events may trigger you to reflect. We reflect on the past as source of guidance on how to react on current situations. We reflect on values which we thought were held dearly all this while, but somehow left unchecked. Hence the drifting away and drifting apart. We reflect on moments which triggers emotions which we want to gain, and also those which we wish to impart.

These are legit mind accounts which we go through whenever we give space and opportunity for the mind to talk. My suggestion is, for those who rarely self-talk or reflect, look for those moments. You will be amazed how amazing and wonderful it is to be honest with ourselves. No barriers held. You are made of what you think anyway.


With that in mind, I would like to bring up the understanding of ‘values’. For those in corporate, company values are thus by far, something which is mostly subjective, and not necessarily translated into the working culture and behaviour of its employees. Some hindrance may be the opposing values held by the employees themselves, or can be due to the interrupted noise which naturally occurs along the way.. non-compliance, the rat race, office politics ,etc and etc. At the personal level, values are pillars in our lives which rarely change from one environment to another. The values are held like holding a wok fully-filled with oil. Hot oil ! Bagai menatang minyak yang penuh, as they say it in my mother tongue, Malay. Just so carefully, and seamlessly, nothing can make you spill or want to spill the wok’s content.

Different cultures and different demographics sees value differently. They have different values. And application of those values are different too. In short, people do have different appreciation of values. They may also vary on how they see a particular type of value. For example the value of ‘neutrality’ vs ‘judging’. These opposing values will eventually be reflected into words and actions. ‘Sensitivity’ vs ‘Bare-all’, that also will be reflected accordingly to how people behave. This is also how and why Americans feel so different from the rest of the world. They are guided by different values, hence and apple to apple comparison in understanding them is near impossible.

Valuable ‘Value Points’

My point is, should we know a person, and the values which he or she hold dearly (and within context), we are less susceptible to ‘misjudging’, ‘misinterpreting’ . Instead, we will be more respectful and appreciative how people end up giving the face value they have given us. What they represent, really represents their set of unique values. It is, trust me, difficult to judge a person should we know i) their values, and ii) what drives those values for them. Having a context of their history and personal experiences too are useful to identify the principles which they hold on to.

This concept can be a tool for us to be more selective in our behaviours towards others without undermining and forgetting our own values. Another application of this concept, is staying out of trouble. Heard of cultural etiquettes? Same here. You want to respect the territory. You want to be smart in your words and action not just because of respecting the values of others, and not biasing your own, but also to translate those values into action. Values are reflected in our words and actions. Don’t they?

The thing is, in the fast paced day-to-day lives we are going through, those lines get blurry. At times missing. Hence companies draw them up with high hopes senior managers are able to demonstrate them to their team to drive the organisation towards their envisioned goals. But what about ourselves? Do we even value VALUE anymore?

Value is the essence of being true to ourselves and not let others judge us by the colour of our skin (sounds so cliche…but true!), our faith, our race, our nationality, our job titles, and salary grades ! This one is super cliche but I hope it smacks into our faces real well.. the shape of our body ! And the thing is, if you find yourselves ‘switching values’ so often just to a pick a side, or gain popular majority, perhaps you need to think again. How ‘weedy’ are we to sway with the wind so oftenly?

Once we start dismantling a person from all tangible entitlements affiliated with this person, what do you think is left…..??? Two thing. 1)Values and 2)How those values have steered this person to where he or she is now today.

Long story short, values matter and if you have not figured out what yours is, I suggest you schedule for a run sometimes. Let you, find the inner you, converse and surface those partially or fully buried positive values up to the surface again. Let the real and potential you rise and shine. And let those values be the judge to WHO you are and WHO you intend to be. Your shirt size will defintely be different from others, so make sure you select the right shirt for yourself and not allow anyone pick a shirt which doesn’t fit you. Or your values for that matter.

Now look at your shirt which you are wearing right now..and ask..

‘Who the shirt fits?’

A personal contemplation by missjewelz.

Hope you find this article interesting ! If you think it is relevant and useful , feel free to rate and share it with your family and friends !

Danke !


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