Caught in a sandstorm: An analogy

Photo just for illustration (Credits: Ebay)
When you realise you’re losing the rein as the horse gallops into the sand storm and unable to tell if you’re running towards the enemy or turning back to the comfort of the familiar. . what would you do..?
1) Halt and look for shelter
2) Turn Hidalgo around to the suspected right direction and speed up that way
3) Dismount, comfort the horse and look for the nearest shelter possible
4) Wait for someone to respond to your SOS
5) Wait for someone to notice you and Hidalgo are in need of rescue
The choices which we make in our lives reflect the confluence of value, knowledge, experience and lessons which we have learnt before. Same with the analogy above.
Should the rider realise something amiss, he would go for the best case scenario for him and the horse to get out of the situation (to ensure they don’t encounter the worst case scenario!). Or else, him and his favourite mustang could risk a tumble and fall into a cliff.
He can’t run.
He can’t stay.
He has to act before the wrath worsens. What does he do?
Whichever choice you make, you should bear its consequence and pretty well know that. In fact, you were THE one who made that choice. Should it be a wrong one, it is a clear sign telling you that you should be making more wise and informed choices the next time.
Life is beautiful as every moment which comes along brings you an avenue to appreciate and…L.E.A.R.N again. Never waste it.
By L.E.A.R.N, it means to take proactive steps to avoid being there at the first place.  Have an answer to where is the safest place to be mind and body should that wrath comes again, and how to react when it comes with least damage possible. The deeper we look into our lives, the more we will realise that things don’t happen by its own, and on its own. What lured you to it.. how do you survive it.. how do you reduce or stop it? Or is it a matter of ‘running away’ whenever that wrath comes.
i)  Weigh carefully the pros and cons of our actions
ii) Be resourceful. There is always a way out. Just need a little perseverance
iii) Find out for sure what are the contributory factors of an issue (sure there is more than one!), and seek to face those issues, 1 at a time.
iv) Never be too quick for a judgement and decision.
Related image
Photo for illustration only. (Credits: videoblocks)

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