Semoga tenang di sana semuanya..

Assalamualaikum and greetings ! I don’t remember blogging the past couple of absolutely crazy months. I am still in the busy period (doesn’t stop does it?).. and still have 2 more assignments to complete. Outstation next week, so lets hope for the best.  To you guys too who are taking time to read my blog. Thank you.

I would like to dedicate my first post for this year, 2018, to the beautiful souls who I have met and had the privilege to meet in their life time. Last year, I lost a number of family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Let’s take a minute to pray for them. InsyaAllah.

Tok Kah

Tok Shimah

Dr. Mimi Iznita

Deti Affendi

Fauzi Bagumbayan (Casper)

Makcik Noriah

Makcik Saodah


Additionally, to those who passed on before that..

Ngae Koh Hieng

Tok Yvonne

Cik Yah

Sariman Sarir

Aunty Ros

Ayie (KMP 1st batch)

Muhamed Zubir bin Zainal Abidin (Op Zoob)

Cpt Norazlan Termuzi

Terence Leong

Daud Mohammad (Mariana’s brother)

Kharis (TSB)

Ustazah Hasnah


We never know what we’re really missing until they’re gone. Really. Many a times we’re stuck in the now, and only the now, that we lose sight the value of the people around us. Everything that matters is NOW. And all that matters is, ME. That is the ‘trend’ which I try to get out of from, reminding myself that everything which I do now, has a consequence later. And in my faith, we believe our life on earth here ends, only temporarily, before we carry on to the next lives. In fact, in my belief, being born here on earth, was not the birth of our souls, as our souls have pre-existed even before that, paying covenant to Allah that to Him and only Him shall we prostrate to.

If you would like to know more out of curiosity just in case you are from outside my faith, you can have a read here.

When we are lost in this world and feel that we’re missing something, that natural inclination without any influence other than itself, is what we call the fitrah. And through my observation as another humanoids, we all seek for spirituality eventhough some of us may not like to address it as such, Different cultures uses different words for this, and may express this inclination the way they think best suited for them. Kita akan mencari, dan akan tetap mencari.

Fairy tale kita biarkan ia di dalam cerita. Jangan kita jadi fairy tale, as we have a REAL and more beautiful life than the fairy tale. Meet my 2 munchkins 🙂


2018 will be another year InsyaAllah. 2017 was such a roller-coaster but I hanged in there ensuring the safety bar and safety belts are secured. Life, come to think of it, our past experiences make us stronger, and with knowledge and guidance, we become wiser. And with that, makes better not based on impulse, but with a rational and sound mind, and a projection far beyond what the eyes can see.


Wishing all of you the best for 2018, and I hope to bump into you guys soon !


Yours in writing,


19 Jan 2018


p.s.  have you signed up for any races this year ?? I have !! (“,)


I run and cycle more and more nowadays to ensure I stay fit and healthy insyaAllah. Almaklumla, umur makin meningkat.. To be able to take part in events is bonus! 






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