Mufti Menk : On travelling, missing a train and meeting someone (A transcription)

(Transcription for MuftiMenkOfficial Instagram Live recording on 30th October 2017 by missjewelz)

Photo from Mufti Menk Official Twitter



Mufti Menk: 
Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarkatuh my brothers and sisters. I want to share with you something  very interesting.

Sometimes and we always say this..when Allah S.W.T. wants you to be in a specific place,at a specific time for a specific reason, You WILL be there.

So people travel sometimes not realising that they are going to meet a specific person and many times I’ve had people who say ‘O you know I really wanted to meet you..’ or I wanted to meet some people, and suddenly what happens is they somehow meet you in a way that you didn’t imagine..

Give you an example; So here I was at the Dubai airport.. and this has happened more than 20 times where you missed the lift, you missed the train.


Image result for missed a train
“Missed train subway”- Photo credit : Bill Sweeney @ Flickr

(What I mean to say..).I was saying what happens is, you missed the train and when you missed the train you are going to be getting the next train after a few minutes but you don’t realise that someone just met you as a result of you having missed that train , as a result of you having missed that particular lift that, and you waited for another lift to come down.

The same applies to the aircraft. Sometimes you were to sit at a specific place but you don’t get that seat. And then you get another seat . That happens to me. You get to another seat that happens to be next to someone who’s always wanted to speak to you and suddenly its there. ”

“And the same applies to store. I remember going to a store looking for something but I didn’t get it, and so what happens is I went to another store looking for the same thing, and that store (unclear due to noise)..and there I met somebody that I wanted to meet.,and I haven’t seen them for a long time. And that’s amazing how we went look for a particularly commodity and Allah S.W.T wants us to meet someone out there.”


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From missjewelz :

I am sure you will have your version of the above, by whatever name you call it ; coincident, ‘kebetulan’ = Malaya for ‘coincident’, and I am sure you can recall that story vividly.

I personally believe that we are ‘mediators’ between the consequences (a result or effect) apparently fixed for us. Allah will always prepare a consequence as long as we follow or ‘mediate’ in that path. Follow for the good, then we are going on the right path. Its like putting your mind in the ‘work backwards’ mode — just like you guys do in Project Management.

Follow for the not so good, perhaps you have ‘mediated’ certain plans but consequence have it that you will not go about that plan anyway. This may ring a bell.. Your car broke down, the train arrived late or you simply missed an opportunity because you were ill-informed.

Have a plan, and execute it

How I understand this whole concept of fate is that, as far as my daily or weekly planning and routine goes, I DO have the plans, I WORK for it, and as long as the intention is good I am sure Allah will make my plan happen. But.. if for any reason my plans do not work out, I take it as a sign that Allah has something better installed for me.

Image result for having a minimalist household
Rethinking a simpler life. Photo credit : Pinterest


You know, somethings in life, which you thought you badly wanted .. but given the circumstances, after MANY years, you turn around and thank God that what you initially wanted BADLY was after all, was not the best for you. Time changes, and perspective of things also do change. For example, now with less things/materials in life, this made things less complicated. Or whether being involved or not involved in certain activities or events, will force you to re-think your priorities in life. Sometimes having lesser things to do will direct you to refocus your attention and priority,

Be bold, and take that 1 step back

My advise is that, take that 1 step back and see for real, why are you doing the things you are doing now. Ask yourself who is it for? Like seriously, who is it for? If you were to leave the Earth today (and not returning), how will that shape your thoughts in planning your remaining day, and hours? The first 3 answers on your mental list should be able to tell you, what you really should be focusing on.


So 1)having priorities, 2)planning and managing time 3)being present 4)excellence in executing  task and 5)the good you had intended will insyaAllah make your plan become reality. If it does not, believe that there is an actual better ‘plan’ for you. To every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. Just wait in a little before you can see that silver lining.

Image result for allah is the best of planners
Image credit:

Yours in writing,







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