‘Wakaf Talam’ @ Mukha Cafe, TTDI – Friday, 20 October 2017

Wakaf Talam

When I first heard of the event’s name.. I could imagine the following visual.. a group of people sitting on a clean floor, facing inward towards a large tray filled with mendhi rice and lamb. The communal eating tradition as most of us would know is synonym with the Arab culture particularly the Arab states of the Persian Gulf — which I thought what ‘Wakaf Talam’ represents. Indeed, I was right !  Story below :-


A joint collaboration between Tenggara PC and NGO HaRum, the ‘Wakaf Talam’ charity program seeks to raise fund for the Rumah Kasih Harapan (Kota Damansara). The center provides shelter for  orphans and asnaf aged 6-16. As explained by the co-organiser, the center does not have a permanent/long term contributor. Current contributions suffice in terms of  utilities bill and the children’s formal education. The center is looking for a more sustainable funding which can assist the children in the center to access for extra classes/tuition outside their formal education hours. Obviously, I don’t have to spell out here, that your love and care for them is very much welcome. I believe their doors are pretty much open anytime you wish to drop by and say Hello! to the children and their care givers.


How you can contribute

1)For the ‘Wakaf Talam’ program, contributors can sponsor a talam (tray) for RM50 each.  And anything more than that, insyaAllah are very much welcomed. All proceeds will go for the event as well as the center itself.

2)Should you know keen individuals or corporations who wants to help, or is seeking for centers to channel their contribution, please mention to them of the center as well as HaRum, an NGO which is working to assist the center. With your direct/indirect support, hopefully the kids will be guaranteed better education and support.


Official event poster courtesy of Pn Norhidayati Mahali of HaRum


About the organisers


With the tagline ‘Di sininya bermula cinta’ , HaRum goes on the basic tenets of love and happiness..sharing the heart beats which connects us human race and sharing the happiness beyond our closest community. HaRum have embarked in humanitarian expeditions and initiatives outside Malaysia since their establishment in 2011. The Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand are among the countries which HaRum has made their presence based on need and impact they believe to bring .

Back home, HaRum is a strong advocate to the Suluk and Bajau ethnic in Sabah, and have embarked with many collaborations with other organisations and NGO to help the oppressed and under represented minorities. For more of their latest initiatives, please head on to their official website here and official Facebook account here.


2) En. Saiful Amir a.k.a ‘Pot Amir’ (representing Tenggara PC)

A good tune is never lost with the beating waves crashing into the rocks lining the sea shore.. Pot Amir represents one of that tune from way back then as part of Malaysia’s own R&B (and soul) boyband ‘Innuendo’ – delighting us with popular hits such as Belaian Jiwa (originally by Carefree), Selamanya and Gemawan.

Nowadays, Pot Amir is still belting it out individually and collaboratively via AlMawlid Ensemble (AE), being active in philanthropic causes as well as continuing to bring real and tasteful music through platforms such as LayarTaenchap and performances either on his own, or together with AE, around Malaysia. More info and updates on Pot Amir available here.


From left: Aman(event host), Br. Pot Amir, Noor Hidayati Mahali & Nor Azlina Baharom of HaRum, and missJeweLz


For those of you interested to come, or contribute for the event and Rumah Kasih Harapan (Kota Damansara Harapan), head down to Mukha Cafe at 8pm today(dinner with the kids). A special performance by Pot Amir and the AlMawlid Ensemble will proceed at 9.30pm. Your thoughts and prayers are really appreciated to ensure that this event will go smoothly as possible, and the intention of helping and making a change in the life of these blessed children will be realised.


22519290_1545928152153344_4028751852292012363_n (1)
Pot Amir will perform ‘Semoga’ – a special unique and ‘functional’ song for those attending the event. So, book your eve today and lend an ear (and a hand) for this special occasion.


Wakaf Talam 2017 details & itinerary:-

Time :: 8.00pm
Date :: Friday, 20th October 2017
Venue :: Mukha Cafe,15 Lrg Rahim Kajai 13, TTDI KL (scroll to the bottom for map)
Tahlil ringkas & Doa Selamat
Makan berTalam bersama anak-anak yatim & asnaf

Pertandingan Juara Senyum & penyampaian hadiah serta sumbangan kpd anak2 yg diraikan
Hiburan ringan oleh Pot Amir & AE & RakanTaulan(optional utk anak2)
Majlis Bersurai

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Kudos to the organisers as well as venue host (Mukha Cafe) for planning and collaborating for this event. Wishing all of you the best !



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