Assalamualaikum Dett….

Just last week, the tri/cycling community was saddened by another loss. It wasn’t a road accident or anything of that sort. About 9am plus, I received a called from Bahri, an old triathlon/cycling buddy. So Sunday morning it was..I thought it was a bit of an odd timing for a phone call. But nevertheless I was excited to receive the call..only to be narrowed down with an utter surprise with the nature of the news which came..


“Julie..have you heard the news..”.. and in my mind (the same words came out from my mouth..)..”Siapa pulak dah…?” (Who now..?)


For those who have known me through my years in sports, whether you’re a friend, training buddy, racing buddy, bump-into-me-at-racekitcollection buddy, or another blog community member from the early 2000s era before WA, FB etc invaded social media, you know how common it is for me to refresh myself and share with you all my take on life, the experiences that I have gone through, and the beautiful souls I have met. And lost.


Last Sunday we lost Deti Affendi, or more known as Dett among his circle of friends.  Shakhir (DiketJauh) and a few others were cycling together from Nottingham Uni side, to the Hulu Langat side. With respect to arwah’s family and close friends, I will reserve the actual accounts at the scene where Dett collapsed. But according to Shakir, Dett has a family history of heart attack, and he too had a history of mild heart attack sometimes back. Dett was buried at the tanah perkuburan (cemetery) in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.

Dett was 45, and leaves behind a wife and 3 children (all are still studying).


Please PM me or Shakir privately if you would like to extend your donations for arwah Dett’s surviving family members.

Alan Othman, missjewelz and arwah Deti Affendi at the half marathon start line (SCKLM 2010)
Mafeitz and arwah Dett at Energizer Race 2010. Both did half marathon. Arwah ran a 2:08:41 . Dett — always a smiling and cheerful will be missed bro..
The last time I saw Dett was in July this year at the SCKLM race kit collection in KL Convention Center with Bacin. Smiling as always. 🙂


Shakhir, Azmar, Dicky, Alwin, Shah, Azahari , Bahri, Aini and other friend gathering after arwah Dett’s burial.



note to self:-

  1. Jangan putus berbuat baik dengan orang
  2. Don’t burn bridges
  3. Selalu minta maaf dan ampun
  4. Hebat mana di dunia, lagi hebat janji Allah di dunia dan akhirat kelak
  5. Di dunia, Allah nak tunjuk dia sayang pada kita, dia pasti akan menguji kita. Yang baik itu ujian, yang kurang baik itu ujian. Sama ada kita pass or fail that ujian is at THAT point where we react WHEN the ujian/test comes. Kita semua tidak terlepas dari ujian
  6. I nearly lost someone in my family in February this year.. it was a test.. it kept me paranoid until today but then I realise that I am the amanah keeper of that amanah, and that that someone ultimately doesn’t belong to me. Cuma dipinjamkan
  7. I have grew out of the shell of living to proving. Its living to align myself to what will lead me to Him, Allah ,now. Big words.. but I am slowly dicing it at my own pace. No personal best , but surely targeting my best
  8. How Allah reminds us of Him and our real finish line, are through occasions like this.. nikmat berkeluarga..nikmat memiliki kesihatan..nikmat memiliki kawan2 baik..nikmat rambut hitam (yang still hitam la..)… slowly…but surely He will take this all back…just to remind us that everything in this life is on loan basis, and we are meant to use all his rizq and nikmat to obey Him in achieving Jannah.. again.. it took me a few years to grapple this fact ..


Okie dokie.. I will be back insyaAllah on more updates on arwah Dett if any.. I will leave you with 2 photos shared with me by Bahri taken at the Solat Jenazah at Masjid Bandar Tun Hussein Onn .. masjid penuh macam solat Jumaat…Allahu…


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Al Fatihah 



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