Eid Mubarak 2017

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to all of you. The Eid season is here and I hope all of you who are celebrating are in good spirit and health. Let’s spread the merriment, joy and relationships to our loved ones and those around us, insyaAllah.

No raya travel for me this year– so a little less hassle though it would be nice to hit the road again! Much focused on getting the clutter and mess away from home (it never ends and with 2 young kids adds to the challenge). But I hope to get more things done in terms of getting my life (and home!) a bit more organised.

On the first Syawal (Islamic lunar month. Month after Ramadhan) with my little family.


Ramadhan went by quickly — but I managed to breath it in and appreciate everyday of it, as not everyone has the chance to enjoy this month of test. From the Islamic view, it is also a month of rewards and bonuses as the blessings and rewards from Allah is multiplied in all our acts of worship. Kind deeds are also highly encouraged.

On the 1st day of Syawal — the month after Ramadhan, is when Muslim around the world celebrates the victory of passing the test and act of piousness reflected in Ramadhan with the hope that our deeds are accepted by Allah. We also hope that with the more ‘disciplined’ us (in all aspects of life), that we are able to carry it if not better it through the next 11 months. 1st day of Syawal is also known as ‘Eid ul Fitr’. In the Malaysian culture, ‘Eid ul Fitr’ is also known as ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ , or simply ‘Raya’ (celebration).

This happy day is designed by the Shari’ah as a sign of gratefulness by the Muslims on the accomplishment of Ramadhan, and as an immediate reward by Allah for those who spent the month of Ramadhan in fasting and performing other forms of ‘Ibaadah’. (inter-islam.org)


I was tied up (in a good way) with Raya for the first week — family members, good food, and reflecting how lucky I am to still be given the chance to be together with my loved ones. My kids (well at least the eldest) are learning about this celebration and why it is a big deal to visit family members and celebrate. There were at least 2 times where they played fire crackers. I personally feel that the fire crackers are more suitable in the ‘kampung’ setting. The less noisy ones though are okay to be lit and enjoyed in urban setting.

Food – Raya pretty much equals food , in the simplest sense. You can never enjoy raya in Malaysia with the line-ups of equally famous and tasty delicacies be it your chicken/beef rendang, lemang and ketupat (rice cooked in leaves), different types of laksa and rich gravies , kueh raya (cookies) and many more. This time around I was introduced to the laksa/mi Pangkor. I helped myself about 2 to 3 rounds. It was good, and felt healthy thanks to the water based gravy and fish served together. What about you? Any interesting gastronomical discovery this raya?



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Mohon maaf dipinta kepada semua yang mengenali.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri !

Eid Mubarak !



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