Baby steps – Minimalism

Heyya folks.. cool innit going minimalist? I have a lot of unused stuff lying around my house, in the wardrobes and any available storage. What’s for sure it collecting dust and waiting to be ‘found’  and eternally discarded from my sight, memory and space of my humble home.

It is true, the materials that we own can be a source of headache  if ‘over done’. Too much of everything, and owning for the sake of owning and keeping. Its hard to breathe a relief with so many things around us. Do you remember the last time you walked by the beach, or the last time you sat on a rock overlooking the ocean and sighed that long sighhh of relief?

Owning a lot of things can cloud our perspective of life as we’re material centric and the focus tends to be on those things we see everyday. The last thing we want to be doing is hording things. Second last thing would probably a cluttered house. It is shameful to admit  if our home is indeed messy, but lets face it, even a house hold with minimal number of items laying around can look messy if not stored and tidied accordingly.


This is one of my goals at least for year 2017 so that I can come home most days with a breather and put focus on things more important than just housekeeping. Like most of us, I do not have a helper hence everything is based on the effort put in to keep the house in order !


I have started given away lots of my clothing and old books, but still A LOT MORE to go in the mission of decluttering and minimising the items in the house. Wish me luck!


Thumbs up ! Post Powerman Malaysia 2017. 🙂


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