Exhausting week !

I have always been intrigued with numbers. Math was a favourite subject in primary school as my former Math teacher Ms Ng Ah Lan had a niche way to get our math side of the brain working early in the morning as she steps into our ‘5 Orkid’ classroom.
She would say ‘Nombor satu’ (that’s number one in Malay) and proceed with something along the line of…. ‘7..+ 3..× 10 … -15…’ and we will all be scrambling to get our mathemtical prowess to test. I can’t remember how many questions it was everytime but I guess around 10.

Math in this case ‘congak’– mental mathematical calculation, was an area I could set my mind free and loose to run more than 100km/h !
Same thing when I read those Enid Blyton books.. Faraway Trees, Amelia Jane etc.. the mind strides on picturing a visualisation better than a CGI experience at times! Power of the mind they say.

Coming back to reality, I am sorta a data analyst in my department , oberving and studying numbers from data. HR and people related data are key to tapping information to establish certain assumptions and also for decision making by the management. My most recent task is an interesting one. Its about Women in Leadership. If you are/were studying Psychology, there would have been a brush with this topic in the Organisational Psychology class.

So I am still working on the topic. It feels like working on a research project back in uni days minus the whole literature review and APA style writing part. There are lots of data to swim in but I have to make sure I am deriving the analytical observation correctly. Again, it is like putting a pedal on my brain saying hey go venture around and see what you can find. Drill, cut and slice until you get to see what you wanted to see from your perspective.
Anyways, the study is still on going and I hope to get it done pretty soon and ready for presentation. It has been an exhaustive week at work and catching date lines and meeting expectations. I am behind my timeline so hopefully I can close this task brilliantly come Monday insyaAllah.
I think its common for working mothers to feel exhausted. Work, family the daily commute, family occasions you can’t not attend etc. But we know the best (or worst) is yet to come lest we continue to strive our best. I had a family occassion last night after work.. yes Friday eve madness ! Its like a choo choo train making its stop station after station.. just a brief stop and refueling before the journey continues. Well I guess that is life after all . As long as we have a set clear goal to what we want to achieve and know where we are headed.
To all working mothers out there, Salut! to you and know that you are the best…..The best ! Keep it up!
Signing off,


MTB event last year where I came in first as the ladies in my category decided not to turn up!

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