Go away procrastination ! : A word of motivation to all women out there [becoming healthy and fit] 


Ok I am glad I didn’t get the spelling of the word procrastination wrong as I rarely use it in my blog post (a few lil times but not a lot). But we ALL relate to it a lot!

Anyway, I finally overcame the hurdle of getting my butt of the couch after fasting month. I was on a 10K training program but that too halted 1/2 way and I had a good excuse to myself missing out a recent 12K run (Men/Women’s Health Magazine). Yup, and a little short handed too that weekend. 

I’ve got it!

Fast forward to 2 weeks  ago, I am back on the tarmac and paveway. Cycled once, treadmill for 1/2 hour once , brisk walk-a-hike once. I’ve no structured plan yet hence I’m going by conscious mind to get up early in the morning to catch up some sweat session before I go off to work. And guess you what ? I did it !!! Let me set the stage for you in case you wonder why I’m so over the moon  with this :

I understand there are working mothers out there who struggles to achieve their work-life balance. It might be a balance on one glance but the health and fitness part may be neglected to some extent due to commitments and obligation after work. This realisation of ‘something has to be done’ came to me as I noticed I became more and more sluggish with my quality of work and life in general (no need to mention housework!). Seemed like there’s no push to do certain things with an ooppmhh, and instead it became oohh whatever.
So there finally , I did like 3 workouts last week. This week I’ve ran twice (each for just 1/2 hour) and today I swam after aeons ! 10 turtle and confident laps in the pool. All these before I leave home for work with my kids.

Message for my darlings

To working mothers, find creative ways to make sure you stay healthy and fit so that your motivation and routine compliment you day-to-day life in and out of workplace. 

I have a gym at my workplace on the 7th floor. It will just be excuses and procrastination if I don’t utilise this facility. Right ? I have on standby a gym bag with my gears. Hit it right away one of the days last week. Didn’t require a lot of thinking. It can’t be team lunch or lunch out everyday. Women, working moms– we need the time to ourselves too. Exercising is not a mental torcher. It’s a time and place for your to recuperate that mind, and for the body to fully capitalise on your mercy on that workout session. Whatever you do now IE in your 20s, or 30s, sets the stage of what is to become the next decade of your life.

Being grateful, always

Alhamdulillah I’m healthy now and I want to make the best of it. In  my faith, the health is a blessing which we should always be grateful for, the physical body  is an asset and tool which we are  responsible and accountable for while the mind is a free gift we should never take granted for by making the best use of it all for goodness sake.
With this sake, I call upon all women who is reading this to start planning in your own organisers or calendar 3 workout sessions a week which can be as short as 30mins. To build consistency, don’t ‘binge’ the sessions.Spread it so that you do have rest days, and days to spend time quality time with your family. Let your spouse and family know your plans so they too can work around it especially if there’s errands to run over the weekend. Men, please support your women whether it be your mom, sister, wife or daughter so that they can have their time comfortably to do their exercise and jog around the park. Better still, bring them out to the park or the local community swimming pool.

7km run and 2 kids 

I’m participating in a 7km run this Sunday, and perhaps I might take my 2 kids with me. Malaysians will say ‘see how’ or ‘tengok dulu’. This basically means ‘let’s see/will see’.  So I will see how ,and hopefully I can take both of them with me.

Yours truly,



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