Ramadhan Journal 2016 by iMuslim

Prolly the first time coming across a Ramadhan Journal. But why not? As a Muslim, we ‘journalise’ and document all things which we do including our expenditure on cold-pressed juices and parking fees, so why not on a our Ramadhan ‘operations’. Its an encouraging and positive initiative by iMuslim.


iMuslim have the Ramadhan Journal both in hardcopy and softcopy (ready to download). Click here to find out more on the journal.

Let’s go all out this Ramadhan as we never know if it will be our last. From the bottom most pit of my qalb, I pray for you a blessed and meaningful Ramadhan. Please forgive me for all my wrongs and my sins. If terhutang/I owe you anything, please contact me via the Contact form !



Kuala Lumpur, 31 May 2016.


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