MissJeweLz 10k (29 May 2016)

My own 10K !

I signed up for this event I think about a month back. Jotted down in my organiser the ‘8 weeks’ IE week 1 through 8 as indicator to my countdown. It will be a 10km run at the end of these 8 weeks. Like what I’ve done before through my experience in taking part in runs, are using training programs established by coaches specialised in that particular sports which I am training for. If I’m signed up for a Duathlon race, then a Duathlon program is what I’ll be hunting for. It’s better than not having a plan at all and will make the hours training well worth it at the end of the day.

Hal Higdon

For this round, I will be on Hal Higdon’s 8weeks novice plan for a 10K run. It’s interesting how the program is called a 10K yet the mileage for each week is tracked on miles. I’ve done due conversion (from Mile to Kilometers since I’m more familiar with this metric) and clocked my first ‘mileage’ last Sunday. It was a 5K run (here you go again). I barely made the week 1 as its been super hectic Mon-Fri last week.But managed to slip the sloth dash on Sunday so I’m good . My week 2 started yesterday and this afternoon will be a 4km run in the gym.


Just a self note;  leading to week 1(and 2) of this training program I have clocked in hours in the gym (treadmill/weights), quite a number of mini hikes — each easily burning 300-400 calories, and at least 1 5km run and 1 35km MTB ride. I was drafting that MTB ride post (where yours truly bagged podium and some cash) –my first ride since I carried my second baby last year! I’ve lost some post baby weight end of last year (quite naturally like most mummies) and targeted to lose an additional more earlier this year. Just this year (thanks to the more frequent exercising I’ve lost 5kg more. So that’s already an achievement and I must say I am proud with it though it may not seem much. But you be the judge when it’s your own goal and measures. Pretty happy with mine !

Some pics below from the KL East MTB bike I took part in recently.

Foxin' around in these foxy gloves !!!
With the medic team. Ultra sempoi !
Reminds me of pic taken at KOM Ipoh finish line many years ago. Different times. Same heart. ("',)
What a typical treadmill day looks like!

You are all welcome !

With that being said, I invite all you ladies and gents out there to join me missjewelz for a beautiful Sunday morning 10K run on the 29th May 2016 in Putrajaya. Treat this as your event. So no fee. And come self-prepared. Depending on the respond we can always cook up a plan for us who will be running. So book your date 29th May 2016, meeting point Palace of Justice, Putrajaya.

I strongly recommend newbies to join me, and also mummies and runners/pencen athletes who are looking for a come back.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on the planning for this merry event please be in touch with me via the contact form seen in the top bar link above.

Why a training plan?

If you are interested to use the same program as me, please google Hal Higdon 10K novice 8 weeks. Else, ANY available program which suits will do. Remember the idea of the training program is to make sure your body gradually adapts to the increasing mileage which you will be putting your physique through week on week.

There will be a period of build, peak followed by taper. Week on week your training should include days off/rest days, ‘shorter’ and ‘longer’ runs, and cross training. If you’ve tried any programs prior to this perhaps you will understand what I’m saying. Else, if you were like me before, a first timer for something like a 5K or 10K run, trust me , a training program will work it’s magic when you are ready to work yours. There’s no shortcut but old wise and smart planning.

Just me,

This is part of the planning to dear all. Coming back to your loved ones at the end of the day. Stay true to the things which you value most !


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