SuperKids Triathlon Camp 2016 – Registration Open !

I am excited to share with you my latest initiative to inculcate sporty and healthy life style in the community. And this comes in the form of a Triathlon Camp ! But sorry, its only for the cool kids of age 7-12 years old. Well at least for this round!



The idea of having this event in a camp format is to enable the kids to experience the sports first hand from our triathlon coaches.  Come and join this fun event on the 15th May 2016 in University Malaya main campus.

So go ahead and check out the event page here and registration page directly here. This is not the first time I have put in my hands and feet organising a triathlon event and sure won’t be the last. missjewelz needs your support and help to lift our community (and especially the younger generation) to greater heights!

Leave a comment below if you would like to come and contribute to this initiative. Sponsors and volunteers are more than welcome ! 🙂


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  1. Asslamualaikum.. It’s been a long time since we last chatted. I did sent an email to be a volunteer for this event. Keep in touch! 😉

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