Exercise for a healthy heart ! Set your goals clearer.

The Malaysian scenario: How many times have you came across family members, friends or colleagues who workout to shred off pounds? To make that skinny jeans fit again? Wedding prep? or because of your GP constantly bugging you that your health report is showing no improvement from the last one.. (think..).


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Many of us can relate exercising or dieting for that matter as a way to lose weight . Case in question: ‘Do we exercise to get a strong healthy heart?’. I want a healthy heart therefore I exercise ! We are engaged to what we are doing based on recommendations and results. And sadly sometimes, on fad. Anarchy workout, Spartan workout, this diet and that diet. But what is really the long term goal for all these? Which is more important, the 6 pack or the healthy heart? Where do we put our priorities? On the visible flat tummy or the invisible unseen heart who does (really) all the hard work. Take out your Androids or iPhones and multiply your age by 35million. That will be the total human heart beats you have had since the day your mama gave birth to you. All that hard work at no cost. Wow, I am amazed and grateful. Love your heart .Pay more attention to it.


If you were to set goals, think having a healthy heart as your end goal. No matter what happens that will, be your end goal. Break it further to shorter goals which you can do. It has to be specific, measurable, habitual and sustainable ! Sounds complicated? Check out some suggestions below :-

  • If you need to lose weight, set a goal (ie. how many kilos). Get your GP’s okay and recommendations if its a significant amount of weight which you need to lose. Break it down to mini goals (ie. how many kilos to lose per month/week). If unsure, give it a go for a month or week of exercising regularly and eating healthier. See what’s realistic for you
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  • Need to fit back in that jeans or skirt? This one is hard to cheat and is a good indicator how far you are from your ideal weight back then. Its a good motivator for you to keep going that’s what  am saying
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  • Does your work, family and schedule inhibiting you from your hearty heart goal? Plan, plan, plan. Can’t stress on this more. Plan and ORGANISE your time. Be sure to block out time on your planner. Write it down, stick to it. Your workout does not have to be LOOONGGG. It just needs to be effective.

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  • Plan your meals. Yeapp. The worst thing you want to do is to reach for your phone to dial for a pizza or McDonald’s. I find this so true in my case…! You’ll certainly lower the habit of overeating, and eating healthier choices !
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  • Tech crazy/opportunist : anything beneath the Nimbus clouds which you can download on your phone to record, track and log, get them! Yes, your meals, your exercise and they even have apps which allows you to create or join groups with other people using the app. Make it fun. Its OK to post your workout on your social media, especially if it serves as a motivation FOR YOU ! And of course, doing the same to others along the way.  Some apps which I personally use and is happy with :- Noom, MapMyRun
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  • Get yourself checked annually and you will be surprised with the result. Be patient. You may have lost weight and can fit back into that jeans. See your cardiovascular report and hear what your doctor has to say or recommend. Well I hope the doctors gives you a pat on the back for the effort, and come back next time with consistent if not improving results. Your doctor will also advise you specific exercises which you can do if you do have heart/heart related problems. Try to shy away on the fads, first.


Image credit : McKayPharmacy.com


I am currently trying to shred another 5kg. I have lost 2 kilos in the last 1 month plus. Loosely said, trying to be fitter and eat healthier. No special program at the moment, but will keep on working out regularly and eating healthier (in a general sense) and have most things recorded in Noom and MapMyRun. So far the weighing scale and waistline has shown improvement. The last I checked my heart is OK. Can’t wait till my next health screening !

Share your story here if you would like to motivate others on your current journey or success stories !

p.s. had the pleasure of checking out some the annual reports coming from the Health Ministry (published on their official website). What I can gather from the report and news on the ‘health status’ of Malaysians is, YES our life span is increasing due to our diet and socioeconomic level.  And so is lifestyle related diseases ! Take your health matters into your own hands and be serious about it. If you can engage others to join you in inculcating a holistic healthy lifestyle, be that game changer today!


For your reading pleasure : How much exercise does your heart need? Most of us aren’t getting enough

Gracias, missjewelz.



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