Styling it Sporty Chic with Reebok !

If there is one thing which keeps a lady motivated, it surely will be keeping that fit and healthy look ON all year, year after year. You don’t have to be at the gym to be rocking your sporty side as you can still rock that sporty look anywhere (think work, errands, your favourite TV couch while snacking Doritos!).

For all you ladies out there, if 2016 is the year where you want to be a fitter person and whatever goals and target you have set, one thing for sure is…do it in true style. And on top of that, do it smartly to avoid any uninvited injuries!

I’ve plenty sporty apparels in my wardrobe (not limited to the numerous finisher tees and vests). I can say I am a proud owner of my collection! If you can recall this brand ‘Reebok’ which is classically famous for their ‘Reebok Pump’ shoes (think Shaquille O’Neal) and ‘Reebok Freestyle’ it will surely bring back those memories of envying classmates having those shoes on in school!  Obviously, there is more to this label than these signature sneaks and pumps. Look close enough the brand has more to it that million dollar deals sponsoring NBA athletes and  other international sports icon.

If you’re game on for 2016, lets take a look at how You can step into this Year of Monkey in style to keep you motivated (whether or not you have already been hitting the gym or tracks –> will keep that for my next post !) :-


1.The Sporty Chic 


Remember you can be a Kerr in your own way! Photo credit:

This is the most common ensemble a woman can think when it comes to sports shoes or sneakers. Look stylish while working out at the gym or running for a jog around the park with this outfit. The workout outfit is the easiest idea you can think of but you can always flaunt this sporty chic look during the weekends as well. Run errands wearing this fashion sports look and feel comfortable all day. Not only shoes, Reebok sportswear are trendy to match together with the shoes. Have a full complete Reebok look from head-to-toe.


2.The Lazy Casual 


Surely not lost in translation with everybody’s favourite girl Scarlett ! Photo courtesy:


Switch those flats or flip flops for a trendy looking footwear as Reebok shoes collection. Pick your favourite Reebok shoe design a match it with any casual attires you have on. The Reebok sneakers will definitely give you that boyish appearance while maintaining your girlish charm. Step out into the streets(OR in!) in Reebok shoes for women and feel comfortable all day.



Keys to unlock the agile and sophisticated in you ! Photo credit : Kathryn Freund on Pinterest


miranda kerr in white blazer purple print sports bra purple pink print leggings black sneakers reebok event tokyo april 15 2015 what she wore sport fashion
Styling in Kerr-way ! Photo credit:


Who says you can only appear sophisticated with high heels? Women can rock any shoe in style even wearing a pair of Reeboks sneakers. Although you are wearing a formal wear or a dress, pull together the best fashion OOTD and feel confident walking in Reeboks anywhere you go. Play it creatively right and pull of the best edgy sophisticated style ever


Check out the following link for more Reebok Lookbook Ideas !

missjewelz dons a Reebok hooded vest






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