Action Speaks Louder Than Words

So I guess that is why I am only able to write something now :


Too many excuses to not be blogging like a weekly or daily blogger as I have been pre-occupied with many recent life events. Let’s see how I can keep up in 2016. I hope to improve of course!


Baby Aminah

So I gave birth to my second daughter 4 months ago (pumpkin pie is 4 months today! (30 Dec 2015). Alhamdulillah, I am Blessed again. Been hectic in the weeks into the EDD (estimated due date), during confinement (‘pantang’ in Malay) and obviously once I returned to work. Has not stopped and I guess my philosophy of ‘keep on going’ seems to work so far. Easy and straightforward on an endurance race course but needs a little (or extra) dash of faith and perseverance in the real life setting.



How do I sum up 2015?




You realise you’re tied to responsibilities and commitments not confined to work. There’s so much of you within that much of time and when you’re caught in that mouse wheel, it keeps going on and on. Question is, when do you stop?


You aspire to do the things you would like to see yourself achieving and you know it takes a lot of patience and years before you see the outcome. Like the famed Silk Road, its not always straight. And we certainly know its not all on land. The rough sea waters come into play. There are sea ports, cities where you restock and resupply. Rest and re-energize. Knowing when to slow down. Knowing when to pick yourself up when you fall.




Make a difference. Life should be fun!

Year on year, ideally we should be learning from the past, our silly mistakes. Work out a plan on how to improve. Especially if you are a family person, its key that a proper plan is drawn. Share it with those in concern. Better still have a family meeting/discussion of any household issues. Make life fun and memorable and do away with the same ole. Explore, travel, learn new things, have new hobbies.



Amy oh Amy…

I was just catching up with an old friend (we’ve known each other since 1989!) earlier today. She happened to share the same birthday as I. Currently based in Houston she was telling me how life was different when she was working in Perth (think sea shells by the sea shore) 2 years ago, and now in the bustling business centre in Houston. A world difference. But by her story, she is surviving it as its only a matter of adaptability. By the way, she  told me that people in Houston don’t walk on the streets. They either take the sky bridges connecting buildings or the subways. Hmm..intesresting.


Kids Then VS Kids Now

And like how old friends cling to past memories of childhood and school days, we were comparing our childhood then to the children of this age. A millenial difference and army of obstacles faced by parents who are raising children (school going or not) in this age. My advice would be, seek for knowledge. Open up our mind to read up those articles printed on raising kids in this toxicity. What you should be doing and what you should avoid. There is no guarantee that childhood you had back in the 1970s or 1980s will be the same as now. I doubt it will be the same. They don’t have hand held games like Tetris or Garlfield! Or having to WRITE assignments. Oohh I had FUN during my childhood…


I truly enjoyed my childhood I truly did. I enjoyed it. No Facebook back then. Liberating. Library was the place to go, and collecting post cards was a pride. My wish is that my children will grow up appreciating their time with their family members (and books, and the short trips) rather than gadgets. It makes sense. You are easily swept away looking at the screen of your machine instead the faces around you.


A sweet note to my friends


To my friends or anybody who is reading this who had major life event, be it happy or sad, always be grateful with what you have and cherish your loved ones like they will leave you tomorrow. Return ‘good’ with ‘better, and return ‘bad’ with ‘better’ or ‘best’. Its a recurring plague once you think  you deserve to return evil with evil. Just sad and sometimes childish. Forget what people say or think unless they are  your employers, or your loved ones which at times their points may be valid. Can be bitter but this is the experience which will help you in  your short life.


2015 is drawing to a close.. immediate target for 2016…


  1. …..
  2. ……..
  3. …………


I have passed that stage sharing lists and resolutions every new year though its a nice-to-have. Its a moving target whatever I need to achieve. But immediately, I would love to get my FITness back. I also need extra help with the house so that I can concentrate my mind and energy to my children, husband..A couple of projects in 2016 too.


To husbands, and to wives..

Please appreciate your other half. You don’t know how hard they try to be the best for you. Awake in the wee hours clearing the kitchen, doing that second set of laundry, and rearranging the mess the household left overnight, planning for days and months ahead, taking YOU to the hospital when  you are ill. Learn the art of Give and take. Bow your ego down. In an argument nobody wins. The marriage loses.

Show respect. Know that respect comes from trust. Give that trust and build confidence that you are the man or woman for your much beloved. Put rights and responsibilities at where they should be, and your life will be hassle free.


To children of all ages,

Please spend more time with your parents and family members.


Triathletes and runners,

Please look out for the 2016 racing calendar as next year will be an exciting year for everybody. There will be back to back events locally and internationally, hard to resist and worth giving it a go if you have not had your hands on any of it.

Here are a few websites you can start looking if you are already planning :- 1) 2) and 3)my race online (google this one). Train smart and have lots of fun on the race course. I hope to catch up with you guys once i regain my fitness level back insyaAllah. For now still 5kg overload..!


Cheers folks and assalamualaikum folks,


31 Dec 2015













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