ReLive Those Memories- ‘Un’breathe social media

You know how we like to ‘re-live’ our past and fondest memories? You notice those posts and articles on Facebook on the best things list growing up in the 70s, 80s and 90s for example? Or any ‘Down Memory Lane’ groups for that matter.Whichever decade it is, I am sure there is a piece of something from the past which we kinda love to see again , directly and indirectly– whether by ourselves or as a trend in the community we live in. Imagine your favourite cartoon being made into a movie, or your favourite band from 20-30 years ago coming to town to perform. Or your favourite UB40 /Bob Marley song suddenly being played in some loud speaker– makes you wanna jump to the beat !

I would love to relive even for an interim those days Before the birth of  Friendster, MySpace,Facebook AND Whatsapp. I will still consider Hotmail and Yahoo though. Things were running at a slower pace and yet good news were still out for genuine reasons to people who really matters. ‘Because it took more time and effort’ obviously was not just the  reason. It was the sincerity overriding everything. To those who lived through period of snail mail, you get what I mean. In a more Malaysian geared context, those days where listing all the names and addresses for your Raya,CNY,Deepavali and Christmas cards, buying stamps and proudly marching to the post office/mail box to drop them off. Hahaa… The whole experience itself is exciting. Bonus when you get an exchange. Haha…!

Well, I am on a small social experiment here (for myself lah) — I have a big news sitting to be shared with my friends. Took the first step by not posting it on FB/Instagram. And secondly, avoid making it viral on Whatsapp (family group aside). Thirdly, only SMS ing friends and colleagues who matters to me 🙂 I’m happy it worked so far and I don’t feel belittled at all for not ‘Posting’ it. 20 years ago it would be something too special to be ‘snail mailing’ it too just any random friends. You get me right?

I love pieces of my past, and personal touch is simply one of them. If I could personalise my SMS messages I would but this time around I still had to pick from my contact list and bundle SMS them. The recipients don’t have to feel obliged to reply to them since I can’t see that 2 double tick in blue (a Whatsapp feature which indicates if recipients have read the incoming message), nor are they spamming any Whatsapp group/chats with replies after replies. I was recently put off by waking up to 780++ whatsapp messages in a group somebody from my former school added me. I didn’t leave the group but was scrambling to find how can I clear all those irrelevant messages without having to click and select each of them to delete. Good thing is I just discovered how to clear messages in group chats. Wwooohooo… Sorry still ‘Buta IT’ a bit…hehe.<– not an IT savvy.

Anyway, I think my experiment worked and proved successful 🙂 Thank you everybody who replied ! Hehe..

So what's the good news??.waitttt for it……I will snail mail once I have the time to. Haahaha… We live by the moment but we don't want those moments to fly past very fast. To all my Malaysian friends, Happy Merdeka !!!!

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