Another year !

Every birth date marks another progress in one’s life, and I can’t deny the reality of it. Every coming of it marks a milestone, and looking back how far I’ve come since milestone #1 (or any figure for that matter). With age, should come responsibility. Responsibility keeps me ‘grounded’, and faith keeps me rooted as I continue to  maneuver and explore the endless possibilities, opportunities, conquering the peaks and braving the trenches.

People and the souls that I truly love and matter keep me in check with reality, and life relevant and meaningful. Life is unlivable alone, ever, yet we are generally reminded that in the end, the resting place is where we will be evaluated, and judged alone, and nothing, nothing from this world goes with us to this milestone except for our 1) charity 2) ilm’/knowledge which have been share and benefited 3)prayers of righteous child(ren).

Birth date marks zestful life, health, ability etc, and by wisdom and reality, it should also be reminding me what I am really in for. My gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for all the kind gestures, words and greetings which I received today, and please continue to pray that all will go well with me, my family and the remaining weeks of my second pregnancy. Your prayers are mostly appreciated and don’t worry about dropping me a birthday gift, as the only gift that would really matter is your honest prayer for your sister here ! 🙂

For the fun of it, I did enjoy being a tad younger, celebrating life and the endless list of adventures I was up to, and looking back, I had more than I could have asked for– some served as reminders, some served as a precaution for me to be more careful with whatever I feel, think, say or do. And now being a mother, it is one of the best experience and turning point which have occurred to me. Still, the journey of becoming a better Muslimah in the eyes of Allah Almighty continues and I hope all of you reading this milestone entry of mine can appreciate the message which I am imparting here. This is not another race report, just a review of my life report as I am evaluating it thus far.

I have a couple of years more to go before I hit the IV series, and I will make sure every year will be more exciting for myself at least ! What’s next? We’ll see, and I hope you folks out there will make sure life is definitely a roller coaster where the adventure never end. Please forgive me for all my wrongs intentionally or unintentionally. I pray the best for all of you whether we’ve met or not. 🙂

In my element
In my element

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