Of balls and oars

Of balls and oars

While we feel like all the balls are hurling speedily  towards us in the tennis court, we fail to see how unpreparedness and ignorance have left us arrogant more than humility in acknowledging that the slip could have been avoided by staying away from the court at the first place.

While we’re perhaps good at convincing the referee of why the point should have been given to us, and why the rest of the court should be on our side, we fail to see how we ourselves have erred and continue to err.

Time for reality check eh?

Life is too short and precious to just and only be manoeuvring through repeated scenes of the above. For all we know that basic oar of honesty is lost in our lust in going up the stream of dreams. What is left is a floating boat which is at the mercy of the wind to blow its sail up north and the raging water forcing it towards the rough and uncertain sea of wrath down south.

Life is a series of calculated risks and errors which we learn from in making that step forward.

Faith or Iman is that compass which ensures we’re correctly guided at all time. Lets not loose that compass nor toss it aboard. Use it and pedal on.

Photo credit: boatsandrice.com

20th May 2015


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