A (belated) Happy Mother’s Day

A belated greeting to all the beautiful and ever amazing mothers who are reading this post. You mean the world to your children, you are their idol, admiration and source of inspiration.

The love and bond connecting you and your off springs can’t be described in words or physical attributes. The affection is spelled through endless commitment in providing the best that you can in molding a character which you wish one day will be able to contribute back to you and love you more than you can ever imagine .

Remember the first day you held your new born in your arm?  That feeling ‘Ahh..finally, my very own…’, yes, and the soul you were helding is yours (thought very independent in spirit).

To all mothers, do cherish God’s gracious gift. Its also a responsibility and great task at hand which you have to take care of. However you shape your child, impart endless love, hugs and kisses to them — the impact of your touch and soothing voice will affect them as a super positive enforcer as the grow and learn more about life.

Regardless of any difficulties which you may be facing now, trust that you are the strong and tough idol which your children can look up to.

To all mothers, Thank you for being you, and I wish you all the happiness and joy in your life herein and hereafter.

Just me,


a-grown-up child (sorta)+a mummy to 2 (soon insyaAllah)



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