The Iron(man) Beauty

Almost sound like a name for a new bike –?Nah..

Just toggled my mind over a few things this afternoon (GST was one of it). But I thought I’d share this one –> Ironman. I have completed only 1 Ironman distance when I was still in my 20s, but the memory of it still lives on. The combined effort of planning and commitment level outputs a great result (no matter what the finishing time is/was).

Preparing (starting from a rough (almost) unreadable sketch of the ‘blueprint’ when I first started having the hint of wanting to complete the event, to the drilling down of plans (oohh I love training plans), and how it fits in my life schedule (then). Next to the logistics of training, taking in races as prelim to the big day, counting down … all the way to actual event week. Suddenly all which happened before falls into a distance past, and its down to you and the finish line to make up the distance. Of course, the desire, passion, knowledge and endurance which you’ve been training all this while comes into blended juice for the mind, body and soul. On the outside, your supporter; family are friends are there to cheer you on, while your training buddies/rivals or foe are on the same track , hopefully to motivate everybody to make that home run a reality..!

To some Ironman athletes, whatever preparation they’ve done is essential and a great assessment to their readiness for the event. For some, the experience through out the 140.6miles speaks volume not only for the ‘homework’ and ‘revision’ they’ve done. They need and they desire to pass the test, by hook or crook. I find it amazing the different stories I’ve heard, and with the finishers I have met– got kissed by the jelly fish, heel/feet bled throughout the race thanks to the stones weighing down the buoy throughout the race course, or even a bad tummy just right before race start. Its no joke, especially when you have a grueling 226km to cover ahead of you, body + soul !! To the survivors, the fighters and the determined — whatever staged before and during this event, is in a way a reflection of who you (really) are.

Life principles and values don’t change drastically, and this can be seen through all our actions , including how we respect the distance, and the be humble towards the ‘fighters’ and ‘survivors’ before us. Their experience(s) speak for themselves. And to a certain extent, their results.

Results (especially the ones above average) can be double edge sword– depending on how you would like to look at it. Previous performance could call for a better and more serious training and effort to roll-out a better result. Some Ironman triathletes use their performance and experience to encourage fellow tri-buddies and newbies to take on the challenge, and perhaps offer more than 1 useful tip for training/race.

Hate to say this, but some make boasting their past achievements as a full-time hobby. Worse still, if its used for conversations goign along this line ‘Who’s who/ Who are you?’. I’ve heard stories from friends about this and unfortunately this is a reality.

Some take the back seat, and will mostly talk on their drama-filled experience training/racing for the big event – no matter what the result was. Result is secondary. In the end, how you ‘make up’, and continue your life and flourish your relationships with the people around you is not dependent on the timing result boldly printed on that finished cert. It can be a source of motivation/inspiration for others (and even yourself when you really need it). But Ironman is simply beyond that..

Somebody recently told me that I’ve to let go my Ironman memory (well , there’s only 1!)..And I agree. What I want to re-live are those positive take-aways from that experience. The whole principle and value thing I was talking about in previous para. 13:42 .. there are plenty out there who’s done (and will do better) than timing. Its not a comforting entity which will take away life’s turbulence/tests nor it is a saviour in times of need.  Nor will I use it for a cheap selling point for myself. There’s plenty more than just this if only we can take a step back to see the overall picture. Same thing applies when you do other performance sports, its how you survived, on and on !

True Ironman = Real survivor = Rolls through rough patches and ground just like a Toyota 4Runner and like a Jeep Wrangler if submerged. Only exception with us human, we are better !! -missjewelz, April 2015-

Just me,


p.s. wishing all the best to all taking part in Sabah Adventure Challenge and Time Putrajaya 70.3 this weekend. Have a safe and fun race ! I have a special announcement to make tomorrow, especially to those heading to Putrajaya this weekend. Please log on tomorrow afternoon for the news !

I’ve compiled a listing of events remaining for this year, please click here, and scroll right to the end until you see the list . 🙂 Adios !


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