Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (5-16 December 2014)

If you have not thought of going, or still in between on giving this book sale a shot, I would highly recommend for you to go. This year it is held at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Do not be put off by the location or the fact that the convention centre looks like it need some touching up, as the book prices will certainly beat whatever facts you have on the venue location and condition. But it really doesn’t matter as the building still serves its function and have been used for many trade fairs and exhibitions, forums, launches, annual dinners, weddings and even a chef competition !

Reaching the place

For first timers, all you need is Waze and some sense of direction. Key in ‘Mines International Exhibition..’ and let brother Waze lead you the way. The exhibition center is not too far off from the Golden Palace Hotel, Mines Waterfront Business Park and The Mines Resort & Golf Club (think Sungai Besi Expressways/Lebuhraya Sungai Besi/E9.


I parked within the exhibition centre and the entrance fee for parking is RM4. Once you have made the payment (please bring small change), you will be ushered to the indoor parking. I kind of lost my way searching for the parking entrance I ended up parking near the entrance lobby.

And that was how I found out that the organiser has organised for book collection (you drop your books at with the porter, get your car, and collect your books at the drive through collection point near the entrance lobby).


There will be thousands of visitors and assuming thousands of cars, please do not bring any valuable items. Leave them at home.

If you know you will be having your hands full with books, small children perhaps, keep your belongings to the minimal and secured. I will prefer a zipped bag than an open tote bag to keep my cellphone, wallet etc. If you are coming with friends, colleagues, plan a meet-up-point ahead so that you do not waste time looking for them in the exhibition centre. (Think Where’s Wallie ?!).

I heard at least 2 announcements of mom/child looking for child/mom. My guess is one of them did not have a cellphone with them, or the ring volume was just too low for the very large and loud hall 🙂

There is 1 entry point, and 1 exit point into and out of the main exhibition hall.

The exit alley !

What else to bring ?

A grocery-trolley big and sturdy enough to place the books which you will be carrying. I even saw small suitcases on the floor ! The organiser have also prepared cardboard boxes to help visitors carry their books around while browsing the alleys and blocks of books !

Credit card/cash which ever preferable. Official credit card is Hong Leong Bank

Cardboxes for the book hunters ! VERY handy.

What books do they have there?

I found out on this a tad too late. The list of books at the sale can be found here at their website. So you can sort of plan what to look for.

One thing that the organise can do in the future is to place the location of the books (ie which alley/row) on top of which categories the books belong to. And even those e-kiosks/apps where you can browse the books/location of the books . The books at the sale are generally divided into these categories ; Fiction, Non-Fiction, Graphic novels, Children, Malay Books — marked by big and visible signage hooked from the ceiling of the hall.

But if you do not have anything in mind, the section markings will work fine enough to lead you to the sections which you might be interested in.

Notice the section markings with the Big Bad Wolf orange logo ?

What books did I get ?

Most of the books I got were for my daughter, school-going nieces and nephews. The children/picture books section is located right at the entrance so naturally those will be the sections any visitors with kids will skim through before visiting rest of the section.

All stacked up for this young reader to sit on it !

I spent a great deal of time at this section entertaining my dearest daughter — from Hello Kitty picture dictionary to sticker books. And yes, I had to quietly put back some which was a bit too advance for a 24 month old to digest ! Prices ranged from RM2, RM6, RM8 and RM12. I stocked up on the RM2 books to give to my nieces and nephews.

For myself? 1 self-help book, 1 audio cd (self-help also), a book on EQ, on cycling, comfort food diet cook book and a man Darin Chinese learning book (with CD) — in total 6 books for myself earning my wallet only RM51!! Regular retail price would have costed me at least 8 times more of what I paid last Saturday !

How cheap were the books ?

Darn cheap you can stock up for years of reading and referencing. The prices are slashed from 75% – 95%.

There are no books such as old books as I believe knowledge last forever and the only thing that makes a difference is how much will the knowledge change/improve you or your views/skills (from reading)  — what I am saying is, its totally worth the visit. You know where to get the cheap bargain for valuable reading now ! Its here at the Big Bad Wolf book sale !

Satisfied with the purchase, organisation and customer service?

Yes, definitely ! The support staff and cashier were friendly. When I asked if somebody could help to send the books to my car, the cashier quickly signaled a colleague to assist me.

Home delivery service counter located after exiting the cashier/main hall

How was the queue at the cashier?

I think I came before the peak hour, and I made the stay short enough to beat the incoming readers traffic. The cashier will put up a placard reading ‘Next’ once he or she is ready for the next customer. Yeah, its was pretty good and fast.

Trolley at your service !

Will you recommend the Big Bad Wolf book sale ?

Definitely !! I have no complaints. Only recommendation for the event’s improvement mentioned in this article.

Where can I get more info on the Big Bad Wolf book sale ?

Check out their website here

The Big Bad Wolf welcomes you ! Very carnival-ish !

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