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Salam and hello everybody !!!!!! I hope life is treating you good and you are all in the pinkest of health. Its been a hectic year so far, enjoyable at most and tiring at times but generally my eyes are opened wide enough to understand the true meaning of dedication, commitment and passion– the similar you would hear when talking or referring to something which you like or serious about.


SO mine is about prioritizing my family life now. This is not a qualifier for anything else, just a simple statement on its own 🙂 My daughter just turned two a few weeks ago. Little girl is very chatty and attached to both my husband and I, alhamdulillah. Prioritizing and giving the right amount of focus is important to keep up with a very fast-paced life. Day in and day out, and its back to awesome Friday once again, and next thing you know it you’re dreading Monday morning. Cycle continues.

The wider you open your eyes through the life experiences you have, the less judgemental you should become, and appreciate the people around you more. Nobody wants a bad ending to begin with.

I’ve written before on slowing one’s pace in life so that we can take in, absorb and appreciate the people around us, and celebrate the love and friendship which are given to us. For some, and for me in the past, all was good enough to be true. The awakening happened after I gave birth. Responsibility comes along and there are no room to mess around. I have to keep up being a mom, a wife.. a household manager, a small struggling fish at work, and all these roles which are (not surprisingly  suddenly sitting on my plate. There’s nothing scary that I want to bring forward to you here — this whole experience is a development path for me. In my life. Something which no certification or crash courses can give me.


Still doing what I used and loved doing — sports, balancing time away and with family is always always top priority. ‘Its not about me anymore’– this line seems to ring in my head all time. Yeah, it is not about me as in myself, but it is about being and adjusting being a more wise and responsible person. It is still me, same face, same smile, just the I am extending my arms to my loved ones and those under my responsibilities.. so actually, it IS still about me.

Just turned two 🙂

I am learning, and will continue to learn and change for the better. Life as I see it now, is too short for sweet words and red cherries *hahaah, did I just say that..?*. Yeah, either you succeed or fail. There are many aspects of life which we take for granted causing us to be in the average (somewhere between success and failure), depending on how you see it and can absorb my words. For the folks of similar faith to me, we know the ultimate success is to enter our whole family to Jannah (heaven)  and we know that this success binds everything that we do during our life time in the name of Allah. I would say its easier said than done, people take a whole life journey just trying to find that true path, getting the right guidance, ‘alim (the wise) and companions. Some take the middle path while some just take the easier path which does not guarantee an ending in Jannah.

Ping Pong Anybody?

This whole life is a journey and platform where we discover ourselves– the road seems to twist and turn. At other times we feel like a ping pong ball batted from one end of the table to another, sometimes likes a hamster running endlessly in the wheel in its case, some like a bird who sores higher and higher without an aim as the internal magnet/sense has been lost *well, apparently — to fit in my little story here*.. We may go to where the road may take us to, ideally, discovering in the end, this place where you have arrived is not the place you imagined, or even worse, the place you wanted to go. We’re err to human, so always forgive always for making mistakes, the way we beg for others to forgive us, the way others expect forgiveness from us. Al-Ghaffar –> The All-Forgiving. This is our true fitrah , similar to the another names and attributes of Allah Ta’ala. Perhaps I should go back to revisit the list of names/attributes , as I know I am lacking a lot of those despite trying to be a better person !

See, life is more, really, than just achieving amazing feats which we can be proud of, or for everybody else to be amazed from. Yes, of course  you should be amazed with success stories from all aspects of life, what I am saying, success should be all-binding across the different aspects of our lifes. If you are a sports person, a business owner, a father and a husband, be successful in all. If you feel there are not enough success stories out there, strive to be the one !!!

The measuring tools

I did a personality/career kinda test once. Can’t really remember which one.. It basically said, for work (as in career), I am compatible with data/figures, and also that I like to help/give service to people. Looking at where I am right now, I am doing HR Analytics, and supposed to be helping whoever who needs my expertise (not that expert lah, but whatever I can do to assist), uhmm.. yeah, i like to work in organisation/charity bodies which enables me to be near people, or simply I create that chance to help. I have been doing sports massage for almost 6 years now, that puts together my passion for sports and people 🙂 Well, nothing major or deserving for a place on TIME magazine, People and what not. But I am happy being somebody who is able to contribute in my own little way.

But what about life in general… ? You know , the things which are really subjective and not readily measurable.. happiness, satisfaction , responsibilities. We have all the functional aspects in the company HR to measure KPIs, performance, giving the right rewards, recruiting, hiring and retaining the best talents. Come on, you even have a team to spool people data and medical records and come up with trending and analysis.  Do we have these tools in life? Are there consultants to cater to every thing that we feel that is lacking in say,..our social life? Well, that’s why its occurring to me, hey I have Islam. But getting t the correct and meaningful guidance on how to take all there is to put into practical use takes pure and honest dedication. No shortcut about the push but certainly there are ways.

By the beach with these 2 and enjoying the background

A-maze-ing ain’t it?

To anybody who is lost through this maze of paragraphs, well, please read again. 🙂 But to those who got the message, please never give up hope on the dearest things in your life. Just gotta be more honest with yourself and see the facts. Faith may have it for you or against you, but in the end, its all for the better. Forgive wisely , and forget, that’s one of the hardest thing anyone can do. Be ‘young’ again to learn and discover. You are never too old remember that.

Thank you for taking time and neurons to read and digest. Its just my way to keep the system going.



I have this one to thank for innocently and honestly keeping it real. Love you long time munchkin…mmmmuuahh !!!!


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