Message from Kathleen (Kimbeley Yap’s sister)

Since the unfortunate event yesterday, I have been in touch with a few friends from the triathlon/running community in getting the latest update and news on Kim. All expressed the same worry on our dear Kim. Today, I was fortunate enough to be in touch with Kim’s sister, Kathleen for her permission to share her (Kathleen) FB status message to all Kim’s friends on my blog Please find Kathleen’s message below. She made me promise to share word by word as to ensure there is only 1 version coming from the family. I trust that all of you will behave the same manner too upon reading the message below. Kim is a friend to many, and its our responsibility to respect the family’s sensitivity at this critical time.



Thank you Kathleen for allowing me to share the information and concern above with the rest of the triathlon, cycling and running community here in Malaysia. Kim has got a legion of admirers, fans and supporters not only for her consistently strong and excellent feat in all the various events which she has competed, but more importantly for her humble (and admirable) character of a true sportswoman. An idol to many, we all would like to wish Kimbeley a speedy recovery and for her family to stay strong for Kim.

Our prayers, hugs and hope for dear Kim.

-missjewelz, KL, 29 May 2014-

p.s. credits to Tey Eng Tiong, Stupe, Michelle L.for the updates on your FBs 🙂


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  1. I have seen that there is an appeal for funds. I can help. I am just concerned how come there was no insurance cover for Kimbeley? The insurance would step in to cover her hospitalization. I am able to assist in bringing a case against the driver to cla compensation from his insurance. As I am a cyclist and a lawyer , I can help her pro bono if it is established that her circumstances is meritorious.

    1. Hi Mr. Choo

      Thanks for your concern and offer to help. Our uncle is a lawyer so we are covered in that area should we decide to go down that road.

      Firstly we did not appeal for funds. I believe it is Kimmy’s friends who just wanted to help out. This will go to Kimmy as she will not be working for a while and might need it then.

      Lastly, I wonder who said she has no insurance coverage. Of course she does! We just think that she might not be covered for this accident as she was riding on a highway. No matter. We have already contacted them and they said will look into it for us.

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