What’s Your Problem, Tony?

Blog review by missjewelz : Part 1 -matrodi.my

What’s Your Problem, Tony?

I ‘Press’ed the article above from matrodi.my. I have not heard of the blogger before. Saw his article link earlier today and went on to read the article. The title is relevantly catchy to attract curious heads like me.

The blogger seems very resourceful with information and data which the media reporters would have captured from PCs or any other news archive. Well composed the story plot is well strung together leading the reader from para to para. Table and pictures were used in fair amount, nothing to overwhelming.

I always believe that there will always be two sides of the story. But an article may not(always) handle both — can be ‘too much’. Hence the need to read and discover more from other sources. I applaud the quality of writing from matrodi. Just perhaps for the blogger to add some resource link from which he quoted and cited his data from.


About me : missjewelz is a blogger and have been scribbling her thoughts and and passion for a little over 10 years. She writes mostly on her love for sports with the intent of encouraging the masses to take on a healthier lifestyle. Her topic ranges more than just adrenaline related topics. Some personally whacky stories and some sharing of her favourite songs/lyrics. A big UB40 fan who nods her head through reggae beats and appreciates true golden oldies (The Platters, Beatles etc). Writing is an outlet which many writers and bloggers alike have discovered. missjewelz is one of them and will continue to write for common benefit and personal satisfaction.


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