Fadil and Julia in Columbia Hospital

April 7, 2014

Kuala Lumpur : Received info from Upiq Khan yesterday that triathlon and cycling power couple Fadil Shukor and Julia Hasnan were involved in a road accident yesterday (April 6,2014) in Negeri Sembilan. The couple were riding on a motor bike when they were hit from behind by a car.  The couple are now warded in Columbia Hospital, Negeri Sembilan. Thanks to friends (Esmen, Fadhli Khairon (Lee), Upiq and Abdulhadi Wahid, I managed to get and share some updates since last night. It was also made known that Fadil Shukor has registered for the 70.3 Ironman event in Putrajaya, Malaysia this weekend.

Julia suffers a broken leg, and Fadil has fractured ribs due to the impact of the collision. According to Esmen, the Fadil was actually pinned down on the road with the motorbike on him. Facial injuries are eminent. Let’s pray this beautiful couple a speedy recovery.

The writer called Columbia Hospital this morning to check on the couple’s ward number and condition. Please always be safe on the road. Do not take your loved ones for granted as they are precious gifts from God.


Latest info will be updated here.




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