MH370: Part 5

One part of the story

It’s like a school without a principal. No headmaster to blow the whistle or raise his hand to signal silence, and observance. The prefects are not so reliable either, and they too are subject to joining their peers in making noise as they please in the absence of the ‘big boss’. Imagine a circus without a ring master. I bet everybody will be running in different directions to take cover from the roaring lions and sleek puma who can pounce on anybody anytime. That is one part of the story.


The invisible men

Higher up (let’s make this more dramatic),somewhere unseen, a theatre packed with audience are sitting on their comfortable seats enjoying the show and ‘spectacular’ performance by these innocent ‘performers’. Watching this school and this circus turning chaos feeds and excites this group of spectators. They are watching what they want to watch, and believe to what they seem as a best-fit scenario for anything or anybody who are in their way.


The punching bag

Referring to the recent development happening in my beloved country, I can pull that this punching bag (and chaos) is happening at each level of the strata. Not just on my own homeland but more extensively those places away from my country. Each person somehow would love a piece of this chaos. You know, like a memorabilia.  Be it for the good, or bad, or anything to satisfy their thirst for attention, their desire to see others fall not realising they are just rotting within.

If you are following me, please continue reading. It will be my honor. I am writing from my heart hence the flow of words off finger tips at the moment. Else, click back and catch up on my previous posts.

The innocent masses and bystanders take the internet and social media by storm– sometimes turning themselves into potential victims. Friends become foes just because of what is deemed as a ‘stupid’ insensitive comment. Person A says something, and the rest disagree. Bashing happens until both parties are satisfied. Else, the row continues on. No ending, and obviously no ‘contribution’ to the whole situation. Its bashing of thoughts. You can have a million of ideas but choose to keep silent. You may have just 1 idea and yet the guts to share, unaware of the responds waiting to come back at you. 


Out of context Out of Proportion

You may say a liner, but everybody else with varied interpretation styles will translate the meaning differently. Which background or ‘reporting’ culture you come from influences the end result of your reporting. From what you heard to what you want people to know. The most obvious example is obviously the role media (journalists/reporters etc) has played the whole (almost to) 3 weeks since the first news came on March 8,2014. Enhanced by the accessibility to social media, things are just like a hurricane waiting to burst. It goes on and on almost in a similar pattern. Person A says A, message which comes out is B..wowww.. Twist it and turn it baby.

Its easier to get distracted with noise and chaos, then to really really ‘focus’ on something in this kind of situation. And yeap, all of us play guilty here, and not just those reporters and broadcasting channel who keeps on painting a negative or false picture of the whole seen.(lets give the reporters credit here..not all are bias..and still embrace the good values and ethics a reporter should have).  What looks like a circus ring master slaying a well-trained lion may actually just be him whipping the lion. Or even patting the loyal lion. Whatever experienced by those present at the ring may well be unlike any of those experienced by the ‘invisible men’ i mentioned sitting in the theatre.


Pick up your stand point and see if you are the

– spectator behind a false screen in that theatre or,

– the ticket attendant at the theatre’s entrance or,

-the ring master or,

– the lion or,

– the circus spectators or,

– the director directing the whole scene


Based on any choice you make above, what could have you done to protect the lion from being slain..? What could have you done to tell the circus spectators not to panic as it will just freak the lion out? What could have you done to control the lion from raging it up? and What could have you possibly done to realise that this is just a bad dream played up by a terrible director/puppeteer?  This distorted illusion forming in front of you, is it true, or is your eyes playing tricks on you? Again.



20140326, Kuala Lumpur.


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