MH370 : Part 3

I am anxiously waiting for the next PC on MH370. Its been a week since this nightmare began for those on board the plane,  their family members, and the rest of the world following this particular headlines. Conspiracy theories and speculations aside, I trust that the PCs held are sharing the truth, and only the truth, on relevant and latest information on what the investigating team what they’ve found, and what still remains unanswered.

It is a bad dream..come to think of those on board the plane, crew and passengers.. Whatever happened in the flight deck will sooner or later be known..I just hope no false hope are given to the family members too early. I can’t imagine the numbness, anger, anguish and trauma that everybody affected is going through. It is easier said than being in their position of having to go through all this. Everybody wants a piece of this story.

For now, I shan’t say much. I am only praying hard that the next PC at Sama-sama hotel will not give false hope to anybody after what has been mentioned in the earlier PC by the Prime Minister. The truth sweet or bitter have to be let known eventually.


still hoping,


March 16,2014

Kuala Lumpur.


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