MH370 : Part 2

If there is one thing that we should’t give up, it is our silent prayers and hope that all those on board MH370, cabin crew and passengers are safe, and will eventually return home insyaAllah. This is not just a national situation that Malaysians are facing, but globally it is involving other nations as well.

Its close to 6 days since MH370 was reported losing contact with the air traffic control. Let us all persevere and trust that i) the search and rescue will continue to give it their best in locating the aircraft ii) the family members of the missing passengers/cabin crew, remain strong and hopeful, with the support of their relatives, and friends. iii) this  bad dream will end and that all those involved will have a happy ending, God wills.

I won’t bother to say much of the on going SAR (search and rescue) which is managed and led by the Malaysian authorities/government. Let them do their work, with the kind international aid from our neighbouring countries, and even afar – United States among them. This is a difficult time for everybody — those directly/indirectly involved. You can’t imagine putting your feet in the shoes of the passengers’ family members right now.. It’s difficult, and at the same time, easy for the mouth to say keep our hope and faith strong. I have 2 friends who have family members on board. An ex-schoolmate who just celebrated his first year anniversary has his wife on the flight, while another friend’s uncle is actually one of the crew members.

Life is going on as usual for the rest of us, and that is the way we should be. We are equally privileged to be given the time and chance to breath and walk the earth some more, to be with our loved ones, to be a good and better human, loving and caring towards each other. If events like the MH370 doesn’t teach us that every single second of our life, now, is precious, and that we’re suppose to show mercy and love towards all being, its time for a sanity check. We most probably have been living a life taken granted for, either to cosy or most times just insecure.


All this circus and unwise rumours and unverified news surrounding the mystery of this missing aircraft , I am not buying any of them– simply out of respect to my friends Nizam and Fara who are at the current moment (along with their close family members) facing one of the, I assume, the biggest tests of their lives.. that thought of losing a loved one. I have deleted 2 persons off my social networking site thanks to their eagerness trying to become a reporter. I trust that the authorities are doing their best, and that MAS are keeping the updates and news pretty transparent on their dark site (click here).


Apart from the dark site, I don’t think there are any other official websites/pages available – at least for the SAR operations.


Lets continue to hope and pray. Aviation experts who have been appearing on national TV since last Sunday, please join the SAR team ! I think that’s just the simplest way to put it. For the rest of us, who may have our own theories, conspiracies or not..I would like to stress this.. ‘Please keep on praying for the safety of those on board’ , and stop being a reporter on your Facebook/Twitter/blog etc. It hurts me as I do have friends directly involved in the missing #mh370. Life goes on. So make it a worthier one for you and your loved ones. Stop making ourselves look stupid, whether in the eyes of our friends, or the world for that matter. STOP sharing links on news which are unverified of the missing plane. NOT Cool.


Teruskan berdoa dan memohon pada Ilahi semoga semua anak kapal dan penumpang #mh370 selamat dan dapat kembali dengan selamat… Amin..


Do not give up hope !




Gossipers have no place in paradise ( a reminder to self). Check out Mufti Menk’s lecture on ‘Gossip’. Feel free to watch.  :-



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