Neubodi Challenge – 28 Days Fix – Strong women in Focus (Pt0/28)

Everyday is a challenge. Everyday needs a regular fixing. That is how life goes on innit ?! There are ups and downs, good days and bad days. In the end, how you survive is what makes you thrive in the end of the day. I believe in the principles of modesty and moderation in all that I do. I have made numerous mistakes in the past and its time to look forward to create a better life for myself and my family.


Say Hello to Neubodi !

Okay, so a few days ago somebody decided to leave a message through the contact form here in my blog 🙂 Thank you Anushya ! I love surprises, and this one comes just in time for me to continue my New Year’s positive energy ! So thanks again 🙂 I might have heard of Neubodi before this but wasn’t really paying much attention to it. So, I am more than happy to share my review for their up coming product (not officially on the racks yet) — for the benefit of  you 21st century strong women out there. (okay I just found out that LinoraLow (my junior from school) is Neubodi’s ambassador. She’s one  confident and determined person even from her younger days.

Anushya and her super friendly team were kind enough to have me at the Neubodi store in 1U (Old Wing). A brief intro to the new sports line under Neubodi followed by a fitting session for the two items that I will be given for the review (and challenge) purpose. The challenge sounded tricky at first as there were no concrete set of definitions to what the challenge was about.. What the sponsor and organiser wanted was 28 days of ‘fixin’ of whatever you can fix — with the assistance of the 2 items which they generously gave to those selected for the preview. I would take this as a challenge for the strong women out there (yes, You) as a proof– that when you really and badly need something..just GO for it!

Photo of me and the merry ladies of Neubodi !

We women are full of vigour– from the choices that we make, to the soul that we put in to gain what we wish for. Whatever it may be. We have to put in our targets in achieving them. Nothing less. For this mission and challenge, missjewelz is looking at :

1) Having the healthiest of breakfasts every morning for the next 28days (and beyond, hopefully!). It has been a love-hate relationship these past few months — nasi lemak or oats… take a pick !

2) Drink at least 8 glasses (of 8 ounce) of water

3) Workout ; swim, bike, run or hike — 3x a week !!!!!! Min. session = 30mins

4) Climb up 20 floors 3x a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

5) Sleep in early (11.30pm latest) and up by Subuh/morning prayer (by default my body clock is set at 5.30am..)

6) Achieve a 20% fat percentage from the current 23%, and 2 kilos off the current weight (which is 54.5kg)

Keep Calm and Challenge ON ON !!! #Neubodi

Why these 6 ?

Most times we aim high– and the rest of it goes down the history drain as not much sustainable efforts are put in for the long run. Our ‘working plan’ is simply unrealistic, and the never ending self-complain doesn’t seem to help much either.Why ?? We are not realistic and practical enough, that’s why. We want to achieve something by just setting goals. No homework was specifically done to find out how exactly that goal can be achieved. The ‘domestic’ scheduling and logistics that needs to be arranged just to make sure you get that 30mins workout time 2-3 times a week is a challenge too tough to break. But guess can do it.

Dear strong women, missjewelz says knowledge is key to everything. There are plenty of resources around you to find out what are the ways to become a healthier a person. We know eventually it is not just the figures showing on the weighing scale screen, but our overall well-being physically, mentally and emotionally. Once you know how to go about losing weight/fat/toning your body, you can figure out a way how to play around with your time management. Working mothers; this is a challenge, and I am challenging you that you can prove to yourself (not others) that you too deserve a happy and healthy life by living it. Eating, drinking and sleeping healthily (and also pray to God) should be part of the overall regime. Not just rely on the 3x30mins weekly workout. So think about it.. there is no crash course to this. Watch out what you do everyday (not just what you consume everyday).

Meet my ‘neu’ 2 friends from Moving Comfort for Neubodi Active. On the left : Haute slim capri and on the right ‘Urban X-Over’. More photos tomorrow !

What does this have got to do with Neubodi again ?

Just wait for my next post !!

Hashtags for the strong women out there

#MovingComfortforNeubodiActive #28daysFIX #NeubodiChallenge #Neubodi #missjewelz

missjewelz definition of a strong women : Women are created to withstand the challenges that comes in different forms, sizes and intensity. We are not the weaker gender, but we are beautifully unique and strong by the way we were created and designed.Strong women, the way I see it, are not merely those ‘Iron’ women who lifts weights like tossing a tissue paper up the air. The strong women are those who believe in their will to achieve the life that they want in accordance to their values and goals. To these women, there are no limits- as long as they work hard for what they want to achieve, they WILL achieve it no matter what.

Photom from

What is your definition of ‘strong women’?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below !! Thank you !


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