Nisa’ Malaysia – The relief mission continues

It was pure accidental on how I discovered about Pertubuhan Nisa’ Malaysia. I am sure most of us who have searched online how to reach and help for the victims affected in the on going flood phenomenon in West Malaysia. I was forwarded a SMS last Friday listing some NGOs which are looking for funds and volunteers to help with their relief mission.

The message as follow :-


” Untuk yang mencari tempat untuk hantar barang donation :

NGO/Collection centres Address and PIC Contact
Seketeriat ABIM Bangi (24hours open) No 15-a , Jalan 1/4A, Seksyen 1, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi Dalila 0193653019 & Yasir 01121282023
Yayasan Salam MalaysiaNo 22, Jalan Changgai 6/22, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor . Tel: 603-79584021 
USJ 14 Subang Jaya Idham 0166479835 
Sungai Buluh Cik Zuli 0127110737
Ampang Puan Vimmi 0163411273
Dataran Merdeka – 6 Dec 2013 (Jumaat) 2-10PM Fatyhah 0138260950
Dawan Merbau MBSA Sksyen 17, Shah Alam (Jumaat-Ahad 9am – 5pm) Haslina 0133743283

***they NEED WATER TO DRINK! Sekarang harapkan air tangki jer, imagine little kids drinking polluted water? Please let’s help as much as we could!! ****

Just to give you some idea what to donate:

Telekung Solat Sanitary pad Toothpaste Penyapu lantai,
Kain Pelikat Pakaian kanak2 or adult  (collection for this item halted for now) Towel muka Mop lantai,
Sejadah Sweaters Tudung Pencuci lantai,
Selimut Socks – new Kain ela – utk buat tirai (family privacy/ breastfeeding mothers) Sabun basuh
Diaper – any size Toothbrush – new Mineral water Goodie bags yg ada berus gigi, ubat gigi, sikat, sabun

**will update post if ada more updates “


missjewelz says :

Nisa’ Malaysia official Facebook

Nisa’ Malaysia official website

I decided to pick Nisa’ Malaysia as they held their donation items collection in central KL , in Padang Merbuk. I will post the coverage which I did for Nisa’ Malaysia. For the benefit of all Malaysians who are reading this post, there are plenty NGOs doing their part to mobilise the help and support needed by the flood victims not only in the form of cash funding, but also food and basic necessity items. Do get yourself updated more through these NGO’s Facebooks/website for more details.

For other flood-related updates and news, you can try any of the following

1) main stream media (the TV, radio, news sites)

2) YB Fuziah Salleh Facebook or Twitter for first hand updates from Kuantan Parlimen

3) NGOs : MERCY Malaysia, Pertubuhan Nisa’ Malaysia

May Allah Bless all of you and thank you for the continuous support, concern and prayers for our brothers and sisters in the affected stated. Please keep the momentum coming. To those who have banked in to missjewelz, thank you for the trust and assistance. I will be listing the items which will be purchased with the donations. Please also do not to forget to email me the transfer receipt.Crucial !

For those who wish to contribute through missjewelz, please do so. Details in the image above and the previous post.
For those who wish to contribute through missjewelz, please do so. Details in the image above and the previous post.

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