Malaysian Flood Relief Fund (MERCY Malaysia) – Aid for flood victims. Your help is needed !

Dear friends,

The Malaysian Flood Relief Fund has been launched to support MERCY Malaysia’s response in the Pahang state. Concerned Malaysians can donate to Malaysian Flood Relief Fund via the following bank accounts:

CIMB Bank 
Account name: Malaysian Medical Relief Society 
Account number: 1253-0009143-05-2 
For overseas transactions: ABA Swift code: CIBBMYKL 

Account name: MERCY Malaysia 
Account number: 5121-7433-0722 
For overseas transactions: ABA Swift code: MBBEMYKLA


Click here to read more information on MERCY Malaysia Responds to the Floods in Pahang


Screenshot from MERCY Malaysia website below :


MRCS Responds to the Flood in Pahang

MERCY Malaysia

Join MERCY Malaysia

Volunteer with MERCY Malaysia

Fundraising for MERCY Malaysia

MERCY Malaysia Fundraising FAQ

MERCY Malaysia Membership and Volunteer FAQ


The flood stats as reported by The Star on 6 December 2013.
The flood stats as reported by The Star on 6 December 2013.


Media coverage on Flood in Pahang, Terengganu, Johor, Kelantan and Malacca 

Bahasa Malaysia

Banjir terburuk Pahang – Najib (Utusan Malaysia) 

Jalan terputus akibat bantuan tiba lewat (Utusan Malaysia)

Gerakkan semua persiapan – TPM (Utusan Malaysia)

Alumni UiTM lancar tabung bantuan banjir (Utusan Malaysia)



One dead, two missing as flood situation worsens (The Star)

Special aid for flood victims to be considered, says Najib (The Star)

Fire and Rescue department ready to wade in and help (The Star)

Floods : Volunteer helps ease anxiety at relief centres (The Star)



missjewelz says :For those interest to help, you can donate through MERCY Malaysia or  Malaysia Red Crescent Society. missjewelz will also be collecting funds to help the victims in these states. $ donations are welcomed (please PM me for details and I will get back to you a.s.a.p). $ collected will be used to purchase the following items :

  • Diapers (for babies and elderly)
  • Milk formula
  • Drinking water
  • Blanket

Please stay tuned for updates. Terima kasih, நன்றி (nanri), xie xie, thank you, domo arigato , gracias , salamat.

missjewelz, 6.12.13, 1020hrs.


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