Chasing the shadows : Part 1

The beauty of simplicity

The room was dark except for the light at the entrance corner of the room. The little one was going round and round chasing her own shadow cast by the incandescent ceiling light above her. I watched full of enthusiasm on how she noticed the shadow sneaking beneath her, which disappeared every time she bends down to grab it. So innocent, adventurous and playful – laughing and screaming away, who takes joy and appreciation out of the simplicity. Well, it wasn’t long before her mummy joined and played catch me using her own shadow puppets. The little one squealed to get away from the incoming shadow ! Instrument? Just this pair of hands. It was fun and mummy and kiddo certainly look forward to play some more shadow games.


Playing with the shadows. Photo source :
Playing with the shadows. Photo source :

Back when

For the rest of us adults, it is just nice to recall (if still in memory bank) how amazed we were with the petty fun and cool things surrounding us when we were little. Every second of exploration was worth the time of our adventurous mind and soul. We did not set boundaries and we certainly was not well taught of risk. We fall from our parents’ bed and we stumble while walking because we couldn’t balance well enough then. But soon as we learn to coordinate better, every fall means simply means another enhancing experience of getting up. We get up better and more efficiently. Walk more efficiently also!  There was no whines or groans as its just part of growing. Like this little one, she picks herself up and carries on. Support, love and hugs shouting I am here for you is constantly given – especially after a bad fall ! (ouchh)

And then

Fast forward 20 or 30 years, these simple yet powerful elements and emotions are feeders which keeps us going, whether its our family, friends, or any support and value system that we live in. While some have lost their so called feeders, they still manage through by looking for their own support system. Values, optimism and strength. Faith too. Some partially lost it and are in dire need of some motivation and lovin’ boostin’ – though many a times they do not admit it.


To be continued…


This is part 1 of 10 the ‘Chasing the Shadows’ series by me. My mind and emotion ramblings out of observing my little one playing with her shadows. No particular chapter in order but rather crafted to how I relate my little case study to the dynamic of life. Little big points which we can learn from and adapt to our daily lives.. As this series may be a little subjective, I recommend reading from part 1 to ‘get’ the whole story rather than segmenting it to just a particular part to ensure a clearer view of the whole story. Thank you.


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