Hands Down – The most successful commercial of 2013

By the time I got to watch this video you are about to see (in case you have yet to watch it), the video has already gone viral for more than a day now.

Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t realize who the stunt performer was until the end of the commercial video. I honestly thought it was SOME truck driver.. a fit and good looking one too. Well anyway, Van Damme ! 🙂 Watched the video on fstoppers.com. Thanks Fad for sharing. I am fascinated the extent and length vehicle and truck manufacturers go to run the test of perfections on their machines.

Will leave you folks with the rest of the videos from the Volvo Truck test commercial.

Jan-Inge Svensson egineer and techinician from Volvo Trucks and Jean Claude Van Damme : Before the stunt

Test 1 : The Ballerina Stunt

Test 2 : The Hamster Stunt

10 Volvo and Van Damme Trivia for you !

1. Volvo is Swedish

2. Van Damme is Belgian

3. Volvo was founded in 1927

4. Van Damme was born 33 years later making him 22 years older than me (he is smokin’ 53!)

5. Volvo key people is Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chairman and board member since April 2012)

6. Van Damme’s key people :- Glady’s Portugues a.k.a. The Tigress, American actress and former female bodybuilder

7. Volvo : 2 production plants in Sweden, 6 assembly plants around the world; 2 in Sweden, 1 in Belgium, 2 in China and 1 more to  be opened in China next year, and 3 engine plants in Sweden and 1 in China.

8. Van-Damme has been married 5 times. Twice with his 3rd and current wife Gladys Portugues

9. Volvo which is now owned by Zheejiang Geely suffered a biggest quartely loss in April 2013 ($15.3 million)

10. Van Damme suffered substance abuse from 1997-1999 and was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder


Jean-Claude Van Damme – Wikipedia

Volvo – Wikipedia


Volvo posts biggest loss since financial crisis

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