Munchaquila turns 1 !

Happy birthday dearest daughter 🙂 Born 3.11.2012 .

Munchaquila turns 1 

Lil miss sunshine a.k.a. missjewelz jr. turned 1 yesterday. Alhamdulilah I am blessed with this sweet angel sent from above. Will love you more and more each day. Photo taken post Powerman 2 weeks ago. I didn’t have enough training for this one, but I am just glad I manage to finish 🙂 Seeing my daughter and husband during the 2nd run, and also at the finish line adds the cherry on top.

Had a small do her over the weekend with family members and close friends over at my place. Obviously little one didn’t exactly know what was going on. I am sure she was overwhelmed by the company, the kids who turned her tiny room into a fun chaotic space. And of course, the colourful balloons (and a helium tabby kitty) which she proudly paraded around the living area, into her room and the kitchen ! She’s walking almost steadily now.. knows how to maneuver, make U turns and also reverse ! 1,2,3 from her changing table means a confident free fall into mummy’s arm, and cat means looking for that creature with pointed ears,pink nose and whiskers in her favourite books. She also has a battery operated tabby!


I constantly remind myself that the precious little one here is a gift, blessing, and a test from Allah.

I am a working mom and I love the everyday challenge which seems not to tire me but instead make me a stronger person. (I have lots more to learn by the way).  To me knowledge on parenting is really important. Raising a kid, or a family for that matter does not come in born, and not everything is instinct apparently. So again, let’s be responsible and smart parents good enough for our children to look at us as their idol and friend.

Condolences and Best Wishes

Some of us might already know that Kevin Tan, husband to Adele Cheah Lynn-Li passed away yesterday. Stupe broke the news and I only got to know then as I was busy the whole week preparing for last weekend birthday do. Condolences to Adele and family. Rest in peace Kevin Tan.


Azmar Mohd Nor’s father passed away on the 19th October . Al Fatihah. Azmar is one of the first tri/training buddy I knew when I stumbled into triathlon. He is one strong headed guy– very calm during the worst of turbulence. Al Fatihah again. And Azmar, we pray that you will find everlasting happiness 🙂 Ironman ON?


Visited Azmar at Ampang Puteri. Here with Aliah and her family. Admitted the day before his father passed away.

Life goes on

My best wishes to the rest of us who are alive out here. Live life to the fullest, and enjoy the purest of happiness  with your loved ones. #missjewelzlovesall.

Stupe and quite a number of close friends have been attempting to lure me into doing IMMY next year. It is a bit too early to tell at this point of time if I will be fit and healthy enough to race by then, and more importantly if the little one can take the hours momma will be away for training.  missjewelz is 31 and going and the prospect of expanding the brood looks bright ! (ehemm).  See how it goes, no promises. And I certainly want the decision making to come from within the household (yes hubby soo wants me to do IM ! #wifeygoesgulp! ). The external concerns and motivators (my tri buddies and you folks) do take into account. But priority will remain priority lah — raising the kid !


One area which I can use some practise and training in abundance. This is part of my weekly routine — prepare and stock up for the little one’s makan !
A week plus stock (frozen) saves the daily hassle ! A smart way to work for a working mother !

Vlogging ?

When random cool ideas pop out of my head– I either leave it, or incorporate them into my to-do list which in the end goes no where ! I was thinking of vlogging a couple weeks back. See if it can find a footing here at . I appreciate your feedback for topic ideas, or even vlogging tips if any ! Thanks !

Just me,




2 thoughts on “Munchaquila turns 1 !

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  1. Happy birthday lil miss sunshine, kid grow up very fast in front of your eyes.

    Congrats on powerman finish. Didn’t see many peeps coz I left early due DNF during bike leg.

    I love the fact that you still considering the IM vs time with kid.

    Decision is yours, but most of us really would like to see your come back at IM.

    All the best.


  2. Thanks Ray !! yes, very fast I have to keep up. Thanks for Powerman ! Hope u r okay n didn’t injure yourself or anything. IM, lets see. pretty a moving target sorta decision making this one. all the best to you too !

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