Back on the wheels

PUTRAJAYA, 19.9.2013 : It has been a hectic week at work I decided to join mr hubster for a night spin. Back to my old training turf, Putrajaya. Husband took the wheels (bicycle wheels !) while I played as a domestic/support ! Well, basically I drove the support car. Little one (way deep in her dreams) slept throughout the journey next to me in the co-pilot sleep. So cozy in her car seat.


The journey to Putrajaya from home took a bit more than an hour. Hubs and I switched places upon arrival at the main roundabout in front of the Putrajaya Mosque. Okay, I haven’t cycled for almost 3 months now– the last time being during PD ! Yikes ! Anyway, my muscles memory didn’t take long to wake up and I was cruising on the road with my own speed limit. Initially I was part of a larger group (first time me joining this group, I hardly knew anybody except one guy my husband introduced me).


Not the best of photos. But who am i to complain . Thanks brother AweSl Zeroo for this without-my-permission shot. hehehe !
Not the most flattering photo but who am I to complain . Thanks brother AweSl Zeroo for this without-my-permission shot. hehehe !


Well of course, not being in form, it didn’t take me long to shy away, drifting from the pack, on my makcik pace. Husband reminded me not to struggle to keep to the group, stay on my own capable pace. In fact, I have the support car with me and need not to worry much. This is a small comeback, but certainly big enough for me to realise its more than commitment and dedication to be able, and to be wanting to train on the road, at night, in the middle of a week – realising there’s work tomorrow, and well, a family to take care of. So, its getting things in harmony I suppose. And being able to give and take. Or, well, take & give !


Surprisingly no muscle aches at all ! The muscles was achy and sore the day after my maiden hike up to Broga Hill. I’ve cycled and trained through Broga, but never walked up the scenic hills before. I’ve seen beautiful sunrise fotos captured by visitors who flock to this place tucked away in Semenyih, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Major core workout, and power training for ’em legs ! The trail is well marked, with some sections being pretty bald. So be careful if you are going without a proper trekking/trail shoes. The place/trail is just like any other tourists hotspots. Everybody goes there, in different kind of outfits and foot gear. Selipar Jepun, flats huh?! Normal people walking their own life. Good enough. Just gotta be extra careful on rainy days as I can imaging the trail being extra slippery. Okay, back to my Putrajaya night cycle yesterday.


Broga Hills @ Peak 1.
Broga Hills @ Peak 1.


I remember the 30k loop that I used to do with my training buddie back in 2008, 2009. The same loop during IM70.3. Since I have disengaged from the group, I had to rely on my memory to finish the ride. And I did– except for the last exit to Pullman/PICC. Went straight and kept coming across the Dengkil sign. Loll..Lucky thing there was a U-turn. Turned, and headed back to the exit (not far, just 1km away!).

By the time we reached home it was already midnight. Thank God I manage to still wake up on time for work.

Visited the office gym once this week for a cardio workout on the treadmill. And hopefully today later after work, or at home. Trying to harmonize the different hats that I am now wearing is a challenge of its own kind. Its not about me anymore ! The ‘me’ years have left me, I am glad about that. Prioritizing is the main game now. Powerman is coming up, and I need to make sure I am fit enough to finish it. Ah.. now in the 30++ age category. So the goal is simply to finish it.



SAC 2011
missjewelz at SAC 2011. 


TMBT, 15.9.2013 : I have friends who took part in TMBT. Congratulations everybody who made it to the finish line ! For all you already fit enough people out there, I think TMBT and SAC is more about racing a smart race, with enough physical conditioning. Whatever the trail turns out to be like considering the weather conditions, and topography, are really much the variables that you can’t really predict (what more control). Be prepared (prepare smart and wise) if you are signing up for any outdoor/back to the nature kind of event – SAC, TMBT, Perhentian Island Challenge, Tioman Island Challenge, or even the famed FTAA Cross Country event. Then there’s the Hash Harrier Jungle Marathon (which I’ve done once. 11 hours to cover 25km?!!).


And also the River Jungle Marathon (I have not tried this one). There will obviously be sections which you may prefer than the other. But hey, you can’t choose. Signed up, so be prepared to have fun with the nature. They can be pretty nasty. The sharp rocks, the thorn bushes, the bamboo grove (with lots of ants), and one time I accidentally stepped on a rust nail in Perhentian.. Well, its PART of the challenge. Half of which can actually be controlled by the mind. It won’t be called an adventure race, or challenge if there are no obstacles. Uhmm. Then we can just stick to playing Nintendo or Farmville then.


To Japan With Love charity drive in 2011.And my team  had the honour of welcoming SBR to the booth. p.s. its fun playing with Paint ! heheee...flower power.
To Japan With Love charity drive in 2011.And my team had the honour of welcoming SBR to the booth. He actually came ! p.s. its fun playing with Paint ! heheee…flower power. Frm left: Chee Kian, SBR,missjewelz, the official banner and Najwa.


Shariff, the Singapore Blade Runner (SBR) is the closest living and personal example which I can share with you on facing challenges. Whether it is in real life, or when taking part in sports (ok, sports participation is real life !). He is physically unique. I will not say he is physically disabled. He is just uniquely special ! If you have not heard of him, you’re more than welcome to Google him up !

Anyhow, the Sundown Ultramarathon also took place the recent long weekend. I suppose the most notable finish is the one by uncle Oliver Kerr. Click here to read more on his amazing feat. Congratulations uncle Oliver !!


70 year old Mr.Oliver Kerr. Photo source: asiaone Sports
70 year old Mr.Oliver Kerr. Photo source: asiaone Sports


Okay, what else do I add here before we wrap up. Oh ya, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is happening on the 29th September 2013. My best wishes to all taking part in this prestigious event ! I really hope the organiser is well prepared for this one, and give runners the best ! Enough manning at water stations, enough water !, sufficient First Aid volunteers, and efficient route marking ! To runners, be prepared for the KL heat (or rain). And I humbly think that everybody (not only runners) should equip themselves with basic first aid and CPR. We never know when we need to give one. We also never know, when we ourselves might need one. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate WELL. Its not just the water (H20) which is important but also the electrolytes which you take in (read: sports drink, energy drink, energy gels and the likes). I’ve written to a bit of length in my previous dedication post to all TMBT racers on how to avoid cramps, and some points on how to hydrate during a sports event. You are welcome to read and share this post with your friend. Click here.


23.9.2013 : Ok, this is where it ends for now. Have a nice weekend ahead everybody.  Toodles !



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