Cutting the loose ends – firming it up

Have u ever felt d slightest feeling of being uplifted and victored for scoring that phase of detaching urself with worldly and material value and expectations?


Im going2share what ive once felt. It was a sensation of relief, ease and freedom that i do not have to go and battle my way to achieve something which doesn’t give me contentment. Done there been there done that. Not talking about Past worldly achievements doesn’t bother me no more as there are greater limits and success which i have yet to achieve. No more comparing what others have n that i dont. no more worrying of living a certain standard or certain way just to belong or feel included.Sustenance is Allah’s right and has been written. I no more stress whenever  getting the ‘lama tak nampak/dah tak kayuh/lari’ remark as there are and will be time for that – as i serve my life not for others. A mother raising a child should better know where her priorities and balance are. Wouldn’t want to regret later on as d chance only comes once to mould and raise another human being.

You get what you choose to see and believe. This foto was taken off the highway near and a busy r&r. This was d view i chose capture, hence d awarding view that i get. life is and endless series of choice making.

Im a free person detached of past achievements and material meanings, and walking her steady way to a better life insyaAllah without comprising d values which ive learnt to appreciate and humble myself to, something i really wished ive done before. May Allah Guide me and rest of you seeking His Guidance,Mercy and Blessings.

Been there done that. Photo taken in Kemaman,Terengganu a coastal town in Peninsular Malaysia
Its a feeling of sincere and pure appreciation and humility and nothing in between.

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