Nuzul Al Quran + Ramadhan : A reflection and a reminder


A historical event

This is the occasion of Al Quran’s first revelation to Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in the holy month of Ramadhan in the year 610 AD. The event of Allah revealing the first line of the Quran through the angel Jibrail to Muhammad is  celebrated and remembered by Muslim worldwide as one of the most important event in the Islamic historical timeline. More importantly, on this day, Muslim bring themselves together to appreciate the significant role of Quran in their lives. Quran are not meant to be recited but lived. (and as much Nuzul Quran is not a mere public holiday ! *periingaatannn…*<– reminder in Malay.)

Its relevance

Why is the revelation of Quran important? Muslim treat the Quran as book of life serving as a manual. While we are busy seeking for guidance, inspiration, peace and de-stressor elsewhere, we fail to realise that this Holy Book has it all along. Just like how Islam is more of a way of life rather than a religion which resides between the four walls of a masjid, or a religion which only ‘happens’ when one touches the prayer mat (sajadah). The Quran sitting in the drawer or on the shelf at home. How many times have we picked it up, recited the surah and read the translation? Again, this is a reminder to my humble self. Guilty? Yes,as charged. We busy fumble with our gadgets checking out the latest gizmos and news. Lost in the social network buzz we become beings with the least sense of appreciation and realisation of the reality.

Islamis a religion way forward in all aspects. If you feel you have benefitted fasting from dawn till dusk you will know it. If you feel that Ramadhan, the holy month when Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, has not bring you an inch closer to the Almight Creator Allah Ta’ala, you have the answer just this second.

Understanding this religion is as much as loving it. Not learning about it, and from it will certainly notches up ignorance (and vice versae). “Islam is a living proof that piety serves as a protector of the ummah”, and not just merely humbling oneself to Allah Almighty. *This the meaning I took from a lecture which I heard from the revered Nouman Ali Khan. To watch his lectures on YouTube click hereand here his website (a whole lots more of his mps, lectures series etc.

Ramadhan and the Qur’an

In Islam, we believe that all good deeds will be rewarded even if they were good intentions yet to be taken to action. From to the heart, to the mind. When acted on, the person is rewarded even more. That is the level of emphasis that Islam puts to show the importance of behaving virtuous to ourselves and to others. Ramadhan, as a ‘training’ ground for Muslims to practise their self-control from all worldly desires. From eating to drinking, from backbiting to controlling anger, to doing charity and help lifting the burdens off the needy and off others. In Ramadhan, all this good deeds done sincerely and not for showing off are rewarded in multiples !

Caution of taking Islam blindly

There is a saying in my culture which goes ‘Islam hanya pada nama’ – which translates to ‘Islam only by name’. This, is a reminder to my ignorant self. I feel what I write is not lost, and will hopefully serve justice to my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters out there. Many of us are too absorbed and consumed with our daily worldly tasks and temptations that we take religion as a passerby and not the main theme of our lives. Why so? Not a big deal? I suppose change management do take time.

Knowledge is everywhere and it doesn’t take a philosophical degree to understand the gist of Islam. Seek knowledge. There are many teachers out there, but choose the right ones. The holy Quran and Sunnah is there for us. Interpreting and understanding it will most probably need guidance from our ustaz, ustazah and those are more knowledgeable. I am still blind myself and I need that light. This light comes from a deeper knowledge and appreciation of this faith, as well as an ego-free soul which humbles herself to Allah Almighty. Ego+ignorance = less fear of Allah. Less fear of Allah= a care free life , a care free life=do whatever you want and pay for the consequence later. And not caring of consequences= ?? The answers are in me and you, and those around us. Take a look around. Take a look at the mirror (again reminding myself).

For those of you interested to know more facts on Nuzul Al Quran (Revelation of Quran) kindly find the two links below.

How it (Quran) was revealed and compiled? 

Nuzul Al Quran dan Lailatul Qadar

All that is good comes from Allah Ta’ala. The rest is from me.  May Allah gives us guidance to the right path, and may He refrain us from bad deeds. Amen. -missjewelz-


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