Sayonara Maxis !


Phone experience

This would be a personal highlight after almost 18 years being a loyal customer to Maxis. It started off when mom have me my first mobile phone, the Nokia 3210. Yeah, I was the proud owner of a ‘canggih’ phone back then. I had a nice number attached to it, and best of all mom was paying for it. Fast forward, I’ve had experience using different brands and model AND paying for the bills (well, obviously !) Currently on a HTC One. Phone experience has never been better. I am not exactly a Blackberry fan, but hey, if its free, I’ll take it first, and figure out who to give it to (as a gift lah!). I find Blackberry has poor camera quality for photos, but not so bad somehow for video recording. On Bold, and other latest models I suppose you can zoom while video recording.  Blackberry has good speakers too !  I was playing my favourite songs out LOUD during my first Penang Bridge Marathon a few years ago. Little did I know that people were trailing me ! #piedpipermuch

Celcom is here !

Anyway my company recently had Celcom came over to our office building to offer us very good deals and packages; phone+voice+data, voice+data, and attractive phone promotion. Colleague were lining up to either sign up for a package or switch from their current telco to Celcom. missjewelz followed suit.  It was a wise decision as I’ve been paying hefty price for the past x years for a phone which I do not use often. The data plan is the one which really kills it. For someone not really on the phone, and mostly on sms or data, the price is a bit over the top. Scaling something down and getting a deal equal or better is the next option. Else, switch back to prepaid where you can have much control.

Moving On

So Celcom is here to stay with missjewelz. I’ve not regretted as my decision has made this wallet very ooohmp happy. Perhaps certain things Maxis are still better off compared to Celcom. Maxis customer service is in a way, better than the other telcos which I’ve seen. Even Celcom. Celcom should brush up their sales people more in terms of communication skills and language to give a better customer experience to Celcom loyalist. On the top you’ve seen a sample of my Maxis bill. Compare it with the deal missjewelz got below : quite a difference when my talking hours is pretty much the same every month. Check out the screen shot below for my latest Celcom bill :


Less than RM50 for a voice+sms+8G data plan ! Good deal huh. Service and coverage wise, so far so good 🙂 I’m happy that the extra $ saved can be put to much better use. Share with me your telco (and bills) experience ! Just type in the comment box below !

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