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7 months Today !

LO(little one) is 7 months today , alhamdulillah !!! She has achieved a lot on her baby scorecard. 🙂 From responding to her parents with a cheeky smile every time she sees us every time she wakes up, receptive to faces who she normally meets and many others. More notably, I think she’s got some strong joints — able to sit (and sit up) unaided. Starting on solids upon turning 6 months wasn’t difficult as mummy prepare home made pear purée ! Followed by apple purée, carrot+apple+mango purée with 1 week apart between each combined concoction. I’m taking it slow and easy avoiding food that are known to cause allergy reactions when introduced too early i.e. egg, soy, wheat, peanuts and fish (well obviously! just fruits +veg so far).

Rock-a-bye baby..

Her sleep time is so more stable now. She wakes up around 6.00-6.30am, sometimes even later. This gives me time to get ready for work, where she’ll come along with me. There is a nursery near my workplace hence giving life an easier breather ! *not complaining !). After work I fetch her from her ‘school’ (daddy prefers to call it by this name!), get her buckled up in the car seat, and head for home. Journey home isn’t at all bad depending on Aunty Weather and Mr Traffic. Reach home, and makan (that’s eat in Malay). Alhamdulillah she is not (so far) a fussy eater. She does look forward for her solid meal (dinner so far). Mummy ensure she’s not fed right before that else it’ll take away her appetite for makan. (but works the other way round when it comes to milk time !).

Makan done, baby washes her mouth and hands *LOL sounds like she’s doing this on her own!*. Play time is kept to the extend before LO gets overtired. And overtired baby is as good as a wide awake baby! Susu (milk for Malay) time follows, that’s enough to knock her off to sleep after her long day at ‘school’ with friends. ‘Teacher’ reported LO plays with her friends..aaa, cuteness.. 11-12 hours is her normal total sleeping hours. Mummy and daddy gets to rest ! Occasionally she do gets up at earlier for a nappy change, but will sleep back. Just to reassure myself that my baby is just like other babies. There are days when sleep time becomes a wresting-with-mummy-time as L.O. likes to twist and turn a lot in getting the perfect dozing/snoozing position be it on her back or on her front. LO have been sleeping on her back until she herself decided that it is sometimes more comfortable to sleep on her front. Doctor said it is OK as long as she is doing it on her own. Of course, mummy a.k.a. missjewelz do get worried. I just make sure I do check on her, and turn her on her back (only to find a couple minutes/hours later that she’s turned again!).

Well anyway, the best time of the day is in the morning when she wakes up !!! Mention her name, she’ll lean her head on her mattress (in her crib), squiggles her bottom up and beam a cheeky cute smile towards mummy/daddy. Allah Akhbar. God is Great, and I am blessed with my LO !!

Weekend again

Unlike before I got hitched, and before I delivered, weekend would be utilised best as possible to ensure I’m not missing out on family time, and…sports+recreation time. Now, I DO more than ever look forward to my weekends as there are 1 million things in the to-do list, arranged by priority. Not that I want to do everything in a span of 40-42 hours, I still need to catch some rest. I’ve lost some weight, not significant but enough to get encouraging remarks by loved and close ones.

Planning what to and where to take the lil missy is always fun. So far..ehem.. she’s been to the zoo!! Introduced her to some odd looking creature which might/might not be familiar from some animal paintings she’s seen at home. The petting zoo in Zoo Negara is a hotspot for kids, and adults. LO and mummy is no exception. If I can tap into her brains to see how she comprehended the goats at the petting zoo tugging to the sawi veg/kai choy in her hands (which she refused to release!).

3 weeks ago (by accident) I took her through her first 10km finish line (note: ‘line’). I was representing my department for our company’s annual 10km. Hubby and LO was standing a distance from the finish line.. and hey, took baby (in the stroller) and ran the last 15-20m together. 🙂 Unintentionally got some people fooled that I ran the whole loop with the baby..! She’s still small lah !!

Okay, I’m going to stop now.. will save more stories and updates next time.

Salam, cheers, and have a good day and weekend ahead !

Just me,


At the start line
At the start line
A few meters to go !
A few meters to go !
Almost there.. !
Almost there.. !
Woohoo !!
Woohoo !!
Errr..mummy, what's going on..? what's going on..?
Errr..mummy, what’s going on..? what’s going on..?
my munchaquila !!
my munchkin!!



Wassuppp yaw..? Note: to all babies at home, please don't do this.. lil bubba here was sleeping when her mommi did this to her !! heeeheee...
Wassuppp yaw..? Note: to all babies at home, please don’t do this.. lil bubba here was sleeping when her mommi did this to her !! teeeheee…good night, and good morning!

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