N.O.O.M – weight loss program


Noom ? Apakah ? I downloaded this app a couple of a weeks ago just to accesorize my phone. Its a weight-loss program app for Android Phones. Well, Since I have not been able to keep my workouts regular enough, my makan(food) healthy enough these days, AND no justice done to my weight.. thought its time to take control of things, consciously.

 I have never been visibly fat before. (Chubby yes). So, I really do not know how, or what level of motivation is need to lose like more than 10-20kg, or more for the weight loss heroes out there. There are plenty out there, in fact those around you. Its maintaining the weight which I assume seems a task uphill for them, or even most of us.My salute to those who have succeeded in achieving their ideal weight, and maintaining them ! Well, I was just talking about my own personal experience. 

So, I am on N.O.O.M at the moment. I need a program to be both fun and interactive, and so far the couple of minutes tapping the phone screen seems interesting enough.

Let’s see what I can achieve with this app + some commitment ! *watch out for updates !*

6 kg to go,





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