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Open Day is back woott !

Erkk..is this the right blog? Betcha ittis. I have not been trying to keep this website updated .. j’ai été occupé the French says it, or ‘Saya sibuk’ in Malay. oh dear.. or perhaps not managing my time Properly !?! Nothing proper in keeping up with time nowadays.. more like ‘as and when’ . Been tied up and focused with work. Department is coming up with an Open Day for the 2nd time. Big departmental initiative to engage employees. Big deal, big deal. And my team is handling and organizing it for the second time. So there.. I’m not much of an event person, but surely, picking up the pieces of experience gathered from the few occasions organizing Xterra, TriKidz and YEA Triathlon (Young.Endurance.Athlete).  No biggy there. This time around bulk of the work is done by my colleague.. *phew*.. missjewelz handles the other stuff..yipppeee..fun suff.. Merchandizing ! Hari Terbuka aside, Knowledge Management is on the plate. Yup, yup..its gonna be interesting !!



The wait to apply at least something worthy from the uni course work is finally paying.. nothing new as we’re all applying Knowledge Management (K.M.) like everyday… just look at your email inbox. You do have folders dontcha? And your phone… we do tend to categorize things in there.. social media apps in 1 folder, games in another, productivity tools in the next one. What sets the difference is how delicate you want it to be.. So anyways, I feel this K.M. thingy at work is a huge thing, and a good step taken by the department to seeing it ‘happen’.. not that it never happened before.. Just that it was never really a focus. So again, happy to be part of this small giant step.

I don’t normally start a post talking about but work.. but hey ! I’m not all worked up/out with work la ! I took time off over the weekends to watch LeTour de Langkawi, THE cycling tour here in Malaysia. I am sure most of us cycling fans here in Malaysia have followed the progress from stage 1 up to the last stage in Kuala Terengganu. Oh yeah, I was there in Kuala Terengganu ! 🙂 Cameron Highlands and Genting as well !It was awesome. Got to brush shoulders with a few favourite cyclists of mine. No, not a gung ho fan, just so happened they were they only ones I watched and knew from LTdL 2011. Arashiro, Shinichi 🙂 1 thing that was obvious this year, *which I took note of* were the switching cyclists from 1 team to another team. I would like to write more on LTdL, but I think I’ll save it for my next post.

Chest Pain weii !

Back to missjewelz. I was at the hospital this morning , well for a doctor visit at her clinic. Chest pain on the right side of the sternum, just below the clavicle for the past 3 days. And yeah, ulcer in the left corner of the mouth limiting my food intake ! Shucks.. but its kinda okay now..so major complaint to the doctor was chest pain. I so hoped it wasn’t anything H.E.A.R.T. though I do know that I have mitral valve prolapse all this year. Born with it, asymptomatic , and not bothering a tiny bit with my life routine, alhamdulillah. Just the it was picked up (unfortunately) by my gynae when I was pregnant last year. Apparently its picked up easier when one is pregnant. Anyway, abdominal examination revealed there’s something wrong with my gallbladder !! Sharp pain felt when doctor asked me to exhale and palpate over the gallbladder area. Only that area hurts, and not the other… awwwww snap…

I totally didn’ think of that ..*because I am not a doctor, and didn’t finish med school..Duh !!*… so it was a referred pain that I felt..*i think so..*. Doctor prescribed arccoxia the typical painkiller..and for me to come back Monday for ultrasound to check what’s wrong with the gallbladder. Sharon Stone, Rolling Stone..? well, let’s see what the report comes up with next Monday. uhmm..somebody’s signed up for a major race end of March..cross ma fingers to see that happen !

4 months and going (Alhamdulillah !)

My little girl is fast asleep.  Aqilah is 4 months and 6 days 🙂 alhamdulillah. Aaaaaa…mummy love you Aqilah 🙂 hahaha.. She’s sleeping at max 7-8 hours at night now. That means I get up once to feed her, and either go back to sleep or continue on to prep for work. I’m living my moment that I sort of lost the overview of how wonderful life is after I got married, and delivered my first child. A good support system is all I need to go through these first few years grooming this family ..myself, lil kiddo, and hubby. No Brittanica can tell what to expect next, or how to react to the tiny and big things in life. Just go with the flow,  and uhmm..here I am !

Striking a balance in everything that I do nowadays is key. Work-life, kid-husband, what else.. working-working out !!!!! Manage a few rides, and a few runs post delivery (post confinement ler…).. First ride being –> Perez. Second 1 : Lenggeng… *gila, orang mintak route flat, ni yang aku dapat..haiihh !*..3rd : Kelawang wehh…or was it Bentong.. Well, not complaining here ! Just short of trail runs as hubby has been away and I do need to sacrifice the training part to becoming a more responsible person. I know what should take priority and I don’t think there’s any necessity or reason for me to feel shy to admit this. We can never runaway from prioritizing. Scarifying puts away the selfishness in a way that shouts ‘It’s NOT all about you! Now.’. But again, it shouldn’t be an excuse for us, new mothers, or dads, to live life actively and healthily as possible. First and foremost, STOP SMOKING ! hummm….. like a friend said the other day at Genting watching this fella puffing a smoke after a riding up the hills ‘What’s the point ?’. True dat bro. no freakin’ point is my answer. Just a foul calling to all cyclists out there.. There’s so much positivity one can get from a singular participation in sports.. be it cycling, running , swimming etc.. You can either choose to be healthy through engaging in sports activities.. or, do it just to justify that lame excuse to eat the pounds out.. and hey, puff a smoke since you ran out of gas.

Go for a check up !

Oh yes.. while’s I am rambling about this..I heard there were 2 very sad and unfortunate incident and Brooks Half Marathon. I heard it from a colleague, but have yet to read anything official from anywhere. My condolences to the family of the 2 runners who passed away while taking part in the run. Again, folks, do not anticipate that you’re all healthy just because you have started running, or that you have been healthy all this while. Don’t take a chance, and please do regular check ups. Life is precious. Don’t think of yourself ONLY..*like I said..*. Think of your loved ones, those emotionally bonded to you.. who depends on you.. so even when you’re doing sports, doesn’t mean you’re disease-free.. doesn’t mean your coronary circulation is creme de la creme.. or that your cholesterol level is ookayy… go check !!!!!!!!!



Some fotos !

Cute lil baby with Powerbar facetowel alert ! Location : LTdL final stage finish line :)
Cute lil baby with Powerbar facetowel alert ! Location : LTdL final stage finish line 🙂
The Bentong come back last month !
CNY get together with old friends !
CNY at Stupe’s every year without fail. only that the red packet goes to my daughter this year ! Thanks for the ang pao Stupe, Aileen and Hafiz…Hafiz y u giving out red packets lerrr?? hhahaha.. thx !
‘I like it this way’ – missjewelz. Photo taken post LTdL @ Terengganu.
Extending my support to my UPNM friends. Congratulations all of you !!! Kak Julie sangat bangga !!!!! missjewelz attended the Majlis Perbarisan/Pentauliahan DiRaja @ the Sg Besi camp. It was awesome !!!
Not quite ready to take over Sabah !!!!!!
Starting diversity and inclusion early ! 🙂

536927_10151435155100351_1984442383_n 486059_10151194897271316_802680007_n 379351_10151297844627012_1355735211_n

With Mek(s) Kelate at Tapah-Cameron stage finish
With Mek(s) Kelate at Tapah-Cameron stage finish
D.A.L. Dicky Alpha Lipid. Bukan Alpha Romeo !
D.A.L. Dicky Alpha Lipid. Bukan Alpha Romeo !
They didn't quite perform this year, but nevertheless, my support for Malaysia's own pro team !
They didn’t quite perform this year, but nevertheless, my support for Malaysia’s own pro team !

DSC04498 DSC04504 Fuerte Colombiana Arredondo ! Might Wang of China :) DSC04533 DSC04535 DSC04536 DSC04556 DSC04575 DSC04577 DSC04578 DSC04579

Despite the merry tone of this post, I bow my head and offer my prayers to the fallen heroes in Sabah who fought to defend our country.

Al Fatihah.

To all in Sabah, I pray for your safety too. Got an email from Aman (SAC organizer) that the race will continue..

and i… gotta stop writing now.. i’m feeling some pain in the abs already…erkz….. guten nacht !!!


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