(3 weeks post) New Year !


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, assalamualaikum and greetings to everybody and Welcome to 2013 !! Whichever year calendar you prefer, missjewelz wishes you a blessed 12 months ahead. 

2012 that passed

There’s always a story to tell, share and wisdom summed up. Annually. Even if there’s no ‘story’ to tell, we still look for anything that can inspire and pump up the gear every time, or at least to make us feel that the prior 12 months were worth the time and sacrifice, living and breathing. Got hitched in January, travelled to Europe with hubby (country hopping) in May and welcomed a chubby little princess in November. Almost like a time warp since 2009 when I crossed the finish line in Langkawi, to ..now..a wife, mother… People say the course that life takes you is patchy, unpredictable and full of surprises. While I love good and sweet ole surprises, I suppose 70% of what you get in life depends on you – what you intent, work and put your effort on. The 30 percent remaining weightage can be of sheer luck, or blessings. Remember, blessings sometimes come in disguise. You never know !

Moving On

Its still me. Another year, targets to meet, work and life wise. Of course, its from a slightly different perspective now that I’m upgraded to the M&M status (married+mother). What’s in my head right now? The milestones my little 1 will be going through until she turns 1 ! haha.. Parallel to that, be a better person, insyaAllah *sambil tadah tangan doa kat Tuhan*. Amin ! Yang baik, dikekalkan, yang buruk, mintak dijauh-jauhkan. 


 Logged back to work on the 7th January. It wasn’t difficult for me – now that I have to be apart from missjewelz jr. nearly 10 hours everyday 5 days a week ! And…thats why I am so looking forward for the extra long weekend ahead !!!! Bring it on ! There are a lot on my plate right now. Manage to tick quite a few items off my list, but actually many more to go.. Not whining.. The department is having some engagement activities end of this month.. and guess what will it be …. bowling !! Haven’t ‘bowled’ for ages.. See if i can get some spinnin’ ! Hubby said I gotta train..bila masa nye nak train bowling abang oiii.. *ayat orang ada komitmen konon…!*

Terus Bersukan

Mungkin ini yang dinanti-nantikan oleh para pembaca sekalian. Ehem, yes, missjewelz+sports can never be apart.. It is a transition for me at the current moment.. Transition to fitness. Semput jugak berlari berjalan for almost 2 hours at FRIM last weekend. Thanks Azmar and Bandit for the company. InsyaAllah, missjewelz will be back in form !!!! oggie oggie oggie, oi oi oi ! 

And to the rest out there

– let the next 12 months be the best 12 months you’ve ever had

– smile and make others happy. what goes around comes around

– make charity. the more you give, the more you get back

– inviting people to sports and fitness is charity too..start from the young ones.. and don’t stop even with the old ones.. (you’ve heard the stats of Malaysia being the fattest nation in South East Asia ?!..)

– make it a point to treat others with the best manners – like how you want others to treat you

– if you want something, go get it. Period. 

I want my shoes…
Part of the collection. DiKotakkan supaya tak kena habuk okay...
Part of the collection. DiKotakkan supaya tak kena habuk okay…
Kasut pon ada masalah. Manusia pakai kasut, hantam sana sini. Kesian kasut. Kasut patut dikotakkan saja..*pause...silence..*bunyi cengkerik..*..
Kasut pon ada masalah. Manusia pakai kasut, hantam sana sini. Kesian kasut. Kasut patut dikotakkan saja..*pause…silence..*bunyi cengkerik..*..
NY reunion with mah bros
NY reunion with mah bros
Dream Trail, FRIM, Kepong
Dream Trail, FRIM, Kepong

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