Lil’ Princess turns 1 month !


My little girl turn 1 month today ! Alhamdulillah genap sebulan bersama — and I am feeling truly blessed with this beautiful gift. Time will certainly fly before I stop announcing how old she turns each month, and each year–as do other parents on their Facebook/Tweets ! But this one is a milestone for me and my husband if not for the little one who is deep asleep as I type these. Every parents will understand what this means and I know I’ve a lot more to learn. Problems don’t get solved just by googling, reading and conversing with other parents on how best to nurse and raise a child. The appreciation of it does. And so does the actual raising of a child and nurtured/learned patience which results from it.


I’ll still be me. Don’t expect a complete turnaround. Only the renewed oath to become a better person insyaAllah. Anyways, friends been asking if I have started training — some even asked when is my next event. I can’t start any vigorous exercise just yet. Need to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles as well fix this diastasis recti first ! Meantime, every days is already a  workout/cross-training by itself. Tests my endurance, speed and strength ! Yes, baby getting heavier (means bigger and healthier insyaAllah). Cukup ! I am not the’ jamu’ type and won’t be taking it just yet if I have to. Its pretty interesting though to be following the ‘pantang’ (Malay confinement) tradition– nak ikut, kena ikut betul though some choose to pantang less than 40 days. Anyways, I am still in my pantang (pantang tak pantang jugak la dah bedal Baskin Robb..*oopss..*..). If only ada buku ‘Pantang’ for Dummies kan senang. Else go figure why a woman in pantang can’t do this and that. Kalu tak ikut buta je la. heehee.. but hey, we’ve gotta respect the tradition,yang telah diwarisi turun temurun *lebih kurang gitu la..* maka dengan itu.. :p

The 2013 missJeweLz Prospect..

The major event would be transitioning from a mother on maternity leave for 60 days to one who will be juggling between working 9-5 7 days weekly and raising a real child/person in her home – AND of course still have a life. Else I won’t be typing these right now. Okay, I gotta admit, I started typing tengahari tadi (as in the afternoon of 2nd December) and only dapat sambung now(00:10, 3/12/2012). Was tidying the kitchen, then the lil princess woke up, got her to sleep.. then my brother dropped by.. then … she woke up again 3 hours later— haha.. like i said, memang cross training habis and this is only the start. Mental, emotional training semua ada. Cukup. Cuma training tang ni tak payah pakai kasut Brooks. Stokin Powerbar cukup. haha..

Looking forward to sports? hCertainly. Why not?I haven’t missed anything actually as I did not stop completely working out during my 9 month ++ pregnancy. Only towards the 3rd trimester I walked  more than jogging/running. Lost about 10kg already now. Just have to get doctor’s advice before I proceed with anything. The conditioning part has started though– pelvic floor muscles and fixing that recti thingy.. I will continue doing sports just like all you out there who are parents and doing sports. Of course, I do encourage those who are planning to have kids to be active and healthy – as to instil encouragement and motivation to continue to do so during pregnancy. It will be good for both mummy and baby. Daddy as well !!

LI’ll keep posting as the months go along. Won’t want to spill the bean just yet as its too early to really be sure what things will look like next year. Priority is certainly on the baby (and hey, not forgetting mr daddy..!). To my friends– especially from high school/uni who also gave birth this year (ramai plak baby november kan,,), congratulations again to all of you ! Lolz.. on the side, Azizulhasni Awang (our track cyclist) also received a baby daughter in November ! Congratulations to him ! 

Falsampah 3 Disember

”Sudah pasti hidup ini tiada erti jikalau kita tiada tanggungjawab atau komitmen.

Ter awang – awangan jika tiada 2 perkara ni.” -missjewelz- 2/12/12-

Little Feet n Big Foot.. haha !
Little Feet n Big Foot.. haha !
The little one..
The little one..

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  1. Pantang. I know to modern and young mothers “pantang” is a bit iffy. But the after effect will come many years down the road… your late 40s and 50s – sakit sana sakit sini. I believe this is the result of the anatomy nto set properly after giving birth. By then its too late to do anything. So my advise is abide by it strictly…….you’ve got nothing to lose by everything to gain.

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