1434 Maal Hijrah & what it means to me


Salam 1434 Maal Hijrah to all my Muslim friends, fellow readers and bloggers. Another new year, another chapter to look forward to, with previous chapters as propelling factors to bring us forward, for a better life,insyaAllah. It has been a wholesome incredibly, amazing, beautiful and indescribable 2 weeks for me – as i just became mummyJeweLz on the 3rd November 2012 to beautiful baby girl.   🙂 Alhamdulillah.

The surprising milestones

In my 30 odd years of living, I’ve repeatedly questioned myself what will be of be when I turn certain age.. 18, 20, 30… 40.. what kind of milestones will be achieved. While i reserved ambitions and dreams to be a certain somebody, I end up with the same answer all over; there is no script in the drama and act of life no matter how much we serve the right to plan, and strive to achieve. The actual occasions and happenings really does humble me down, as a person, as a Muslim. Twist and turns are here to stay.

Living the dreams of others makes it to the top 5 bottom of whatever list which describes me.I have failed many a times trying to be ultra ambitious to prove a point to others, and at other times fell victim. Live life as prescribed by my faith – that should be the ultimate guide of a true Muslim, or a Muslim who is trying to ‘get there’. It is easy to fall prey to misleading values which colours our life. Whatever values which influences in our life – daily or general. Get the basics of the faith right and insyaAllah everything will be clearer to us.

missJeweLz got married in January this year, turned 30 in August, and alhamdulillah a mother in November. What I can share with all you folks – especially those who have ‘yet’ to settle down or have not quite decided what will life be life after that next bend or corner, trust me – you can well plan and work for whatever you want, and see what happens next. That stretch of waiting may vary a couple of days, weeks, months, years and decades before you see the results trickling or literally dropping in front of you just like kettlebell being dropped from a vertical distance. Here comes the most important part — while anything can happen/not happen, it is our reaction that makes the key difference to the actual span of events. Some make it– what they planned for does become to reality (alhamdulillah I did get married by 30, and blessed with a child the same year!) –while some don’t make it — I did not finish my medical degree. How I reacted to the latter is to continue on and graduating with a psychology degree – and with *ehem* sports. Met my then future husband… and the rest is history.

It has been said..

..that there’s no end to and end, and for sure there’s a hikmah and wisdom to all events that has and will occur in our lives whether it be a sweet, bitter or remorseful one. I wouldn’t say it has been easy for me as each of us have the highs and lows in our lives- all being learning curves which importance cannot be ignored. We stumble, we get up, we learn and remind ourselves to become a better person and not repeat the past mistakes. Some choose to learn, some won’t budge from their ‘keras kepala’ ness a.k.a stubbornness in an accepting that life is not a straight , and that even if it were, there would be cracks on the road, toll plazas, speed traps as well as R&R to refuel and rest. The power to change and better (our lives) is in our hands though as a Muslim. Upholding our prayers and communication with our Lord, Allah Ta’ala sets the difference and gives us ‘the’ invaluable edge. 


I have nothing else special to share here in this post besides the news that I’m officially mommyJeweLz. But I do have a learning point to all my friends here regardless of which faith you come from. Get to know your religion well as most of the keys to a holistically happy, meaningful and successful life has been written in the books of your religion. To my Muslim friends, its not too late to get to know your religion. Ignore it, it will ignore you back and you’ll regret later on how you wished you had taken that religious book of that shelf – or read the Quran/Sunnah translation just because you’re ‘shy’ to have a religious book added onto you collection of fictions. Ikim.FM for start ?! Reading –> knowledge –> wisdom/guidance –> stimulates/influences mind –> add-on to current value/princips –> influences decisions –> affects behaviour and speech. If I hadn’t made it clear enough, it is knowledge here that I am stressing. Makes a lot of difference between a not so smart person who chooses to read and learn than a person who is all As but does not choose to read and learn. 

A new chapter to look forward to

My little princess is sleeping as I type these paragraphs. Sleepless nights? At times, but not all the times. I put my patience to test, and I can tell you these are trying times. I take it positively. 🙂 Being blessed with this gift of God is the best thing which has occurred to me. Random friends have asked ‘Tak training ke?’ Bonus much ! Well, I’ve enough interval, speed and endurance training already ! Tinggal tak pakai my Brooks je ! I have missed nothing for the whole 9 months of carrying the baby. Nuang was a routine. 🙂 Breakfast picnic with friends, running at Bukit Aman, Bukit Gasing, you name it ! I haven’t weighed myself post-delivery as I don’t have a weighing scale at the moment. Not a biggy but mum said I’ve lost weight already *phew*..I gained less than 15kg as recommended by the doctor and I am in no rush to get back to my original weight etc. , or looking ultra slim and fit. I’ll just focus on my chores as a mum for now and KNOW that I’ll get back in shape in no time insyaAllah. *nama pun pantang kot…*. The baby is priority and has sort of become my personal trainer now. Baby teaching mummy a lot – to be patient, efficient, quick, strong, happy and most importantly, thankful. 🙂

with my mini&better me.

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